All you need to know about Google Stock
All you need to know about Google Stock
All information about Google

      The name Google is one of the most popular names heard about when we enter discussions about technology, it will be rare to find one who has not heard about the big tech company, this article is aimed  to give more exposition to the company Google and more financial advice about the company’s stock, to have stumbled upon this article you must have had questions such as, what is Google? When is the right time to invest in Google? Is Google stock worth investing in? And many more questions. In the proceeding lines and paragraphs we will address said questions and proffer to our best the most suitable answers.

What is Google

          Google is one of the biggest technology companies in America and so one of the world’s leading technology giants, it was founded as a project by two PhD students by name Larry Page and Sergey Brin  originally it was made as a search engine but the company gains most profits through advertisements. The private company went public in 2004 through public offering that is when a company sells it’s shares to institutional investors such as other big established companies or retail investors such as individuals, the company has now further expanded from it’s initial search engine service and now offers other services such as Google Docs, Google mail or Gmail for emailing and messaging, Google maps for direction and navigation, Google calendar, Google drive for online storage and many more

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Is Google Stock a Good Investment

      As a trader or an investor in the stock market knowing the right stock or commodity to venture into in form of investment is very important, as an investor who wants to invest in Google one should know the past, present condition and future possible situations of the Alphabet Inc. stock (GOOGL), so it begs the question “Is Google stock a good investment”, to answer this question we will look at the past important  activities that have affected the stock, it’s present state and possible future conditions.

  So back to the charts, we notice only two major drops in the class A stock, which occurred on February 2008 and the second which occurred around ending of 2020, the drop when compared to historical data did not compare to the continuous rise in the price of Google stock, so using the idea of what has happened in the past we can see that if an investor had invested in the stock around 2011, he would have no regrets, using the present situations to answer the question “Is Google stock a good investment” , currently Google is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of technology, with different applications in many aspects of technology, with partnership with other big companies such as Facebook, with a  high market cap which ensures stability, as of the present Google stock is one of the best stocks to invest in, although one should understand the difference in the two stocks which is in the link above. Looking into the future not much can be said as of now, with Google among the leading technology companies in future technology such as artificial intelligence, we can dare to say that the company will still have great relevance in the nearest future. With most of the voting power of the stockholders resting upon the founders, it should be expected that decisions that can affect the pair will be made by them. With both past, present and Future situations, we can say that Google stock is a good investment.

Negative and Positive results of investing in Google stock

Just like every stock Google stock isn’t invincible, bad fundamental reports, new technologies, break in partnerships can lead to a decline in the stocks price or value, so below we will define some negative and positive effects of investing in Google stock.

Voting Power.  The class C stock has no voting power, the class A stock has one voting power, the class B stock has higher voting power than the other two but is not available to the public, it’s is owned by Google founders, Google chairperson and some of it’s directors, the voting rights gives the stakeholder a say in some matters of the the stock such as merging and splitting, investing in the stock C gives no voting right and class A stock has a little voting power, hence the main power rests on the founders and directors.