5 Basic Mistakes Homeowners Make When Buying Solar
5 Basic Mistakes Homeowners Make When Buying Solar
If you plan to buy solar installers for your home, you must research the common mistakes in buying solar panels. Read this guide to know the 5 common mistakes.

Having solar installers on your roof can be a good thing. They come with a sense of modernism, independence, and solar energy. That is why you must do proper research so that going solar would be a good decision for yourself and the environment! But first, you want to consider what pitfalls others before you have made.


MISTAKE 1: Not Reducing the Usage Before Going Solar

Many people think solar panels are something you install and never have to worry about again. This is far from the truth. They require routine maintenance and care to get the most from them long-term. The best place to find someone who will be able to maintain your residential solar panels is a local business that specializes in all things related to this type of installation, repairs, and panel upkeep since they will best know what needs extra attention at any given moment due to weather conditions or available sunlight. You'll also want to consider how your panels work; anyone who has no clue how a panel should operate or look might fail at knowing exactly what it takes to properly maintain it yourself if you ever decide you want more control over how they function.


MISTAKE 2: Deals That Sounds Too Good To Be True, Probably Are

We've all heard how solar panels are getting cheaper. Check that is true because you may not be too well served by it after all. The mounting of solar panels doesn't seem too problematic, and even if a panel manufacturer doesn't want to do it themselves, they'll point you in the right direction for someone else. This is more than worth the money when the alternative is having to spend more on power overall when using a system with less efficient panels. And on top of this, there's also the point that if you put up your panels yourself, everything may go smoothly. However, unless something goes exceptionally wrong, you'll probably not have anything other than minor problems with them still working and saving you money, so why take that risk?


MISTAKE 3: Buying Before Identifying Your Load

The first problem is that this is not a long enough time frame. Too often, homeowners will look at the energy bill from the last couple of months and buy an electric car to try and match those kilowatts. Looking back five years, you might realize that your energy consumption varies wildly based on the season (and maybe steadily going up thanks to all those cool new gadgets you bought).


MISTAKE 4: Ignore Insurance


The evolution of solar energy is becoming very popular amongst homeowners and even smaller businesses. While these panels are excellent at providing low-cost and reliable energy, the costs can sometimes be relatively high depending on whether or not you have to replace any modules or deal with any damage to your roof. Most people are surprised when they don't consider this cost when buying solar panels. Look for ways to reduce your risk related to solar energy by ensuring that you know what you're getting into with each insurance policy, as some may help cover the value of the solar panels. In contrast, others will cover the panel itself instead, while others may offer no protection or coverage whatsoever after paying monthly insurance premiums.


MISTAKE 5: Not Turning Over Every Financial Stone


Before purchasing your solar installers, please do your homework on how you can get help paying for them. Initially, you should determine whether owning or leasing solar panels is up to par with federal, state, and local incentives and regulations. If you plan to get the benefits of solar energy, do extensive research on government incentive and rebate programs as these can differ from place to place, so make sure you look into what might be in store for the future if current incentives are set to expire and when new ones may be put into place if you're looking at buying in regularly.


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