Why You Need an Next-Gen AWS Managed Services Partner
Why You Need an Next-Gen AWS Managed Services Partner
Basically managed service partners are third party service providers, who can be engaged to handle the day to day management of your IT—from infra to systems.

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The undoubted leader in all things cloud, AWS has over a million users in their active user base. But the cloud is a dynamic, ever evolving place and navigating the AWS ecosystem, with its many, many services and features, to identify the best solution to your needs can be a complicated affair. To help their customers leverage AWS to the maximum, the AWS Managed Services Partners program was launched. The program aimed at ensuring every customer had a dedicated expert—through Amazon’s partner companies—to help them meet their needs by helping them set up and optimize their cloud and guiding them towards the best-fit cloud solutions.

For instance, an AWS cloud partner can help reduce down time to mere minutes a year, i.e. 99.99% SLA. Cloud partners can assist businesses at every step of the cloud journey, from preparing for migration, to executing the migration with minimal disruption, and post-migration, optimization of infrastructure and cost.