What Is Blue Screen Error? How can We Resolve it? ( Tech Guide)
What Is Blue Screen Error? How can We Resolve it? ( Tech Guide)
The Blue Screen of Death on Windows indicates a critical fault and forces your computer to restart. On a properly functioning computer, Blue Screen errors should be rare or nonexistent.
A Blue Screen means that Windows can't proceed, so after displaying the error message, Windows will perform some behind-the-scenes housecleaning and restart.

When Windows experiences a serious error that prevents the operating system from running, the blue screen appears. These serious faults may be brought on by flawed hardware, flawed or low level device drivers, or flawed or low level Windows kernel-based software.

What is Blue Screen Error?

When you kept getting windows Blue Screen of Death errors in the past, your only option was to reinstall Windows from scratch and pray that you didn't have any hardware problems. With the Windows versions of today, this is not the case. The blue screen on Windows 10 typically appears immediately before the computer restarts itself. A reboot is your first line of defence against issues if your computer doesn't restart on its own.

The worst part of experiencing a blue screen on Windows 10 is the possibility of losing any unsaved work. None of the software programmes you were using at the time will be able to save or close properly because the operating system is experiencing a major fault. This may be very upsetting and inconvenient, so it's a good idea to figure out why the blue screen occurs and have your computer fixed so that it doesn't keep losing your work.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that you must identify the cause of the blue screen in order to avoid it from occurring again. If you keep using the same hardware, software, and drivers without