How to Leverage AWS Platform to build an Integration Hub like Zapier
How to Leverage AWS Platform to build an Integration Hub like Zapier
If your platform provides an integrated payment solution. And for each individual client, if you are building and maintaining point-to-point integration then this blog is a must-read for you.

Why do we need an API Gateway?

It is crucial to have an API gateway since it provides a unified point of entry for internal APIs. Using it, you can control user access. Moreover, it applies security policies, such as OAuth or JWT, and enables security measures, such as rate limiting. The API gateway is particularly important for securing microservices. 

Leveraging AWS Platform and AWS Partner to Build an Integration Hub

AWS provides all the go-to solutions for building a cost-effective and reliable solution on the cloud. And building an integration hub is no different.

And being an AWS advanced consulting partner, AAIC showcases expertise with:

  • Amazon API Gateway Delivery
  • Amazon Cloudfront Delivery
  • AWS Lambda Delivery
  • AWS WAF Delivery
  • AWS Cloudformation Delivery 

How Applied AI Consulting builds API-based Integration Gateway Powered By AWS Services

AAIC built the Integration Gateway with 4 main components: Flow, Filter, Transformer, and Adopter.

Using the component, inputs are taken from the client’s platform and transformed via an adapter that further talks to multiple ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Oracle Netsuite, etc.

Putting it more specifically, 

  • Flow is created using one or more filters, transformers, and adopters. And each flow has a unique id.
  • The inputs are filtered through the Filter state, and based on the status condition (Like if something needs to be done or not)  they are sent out to the transformer.
  • Then the transformer will look at the config mapping and transform the input JSON to the expected for as required by the adapter and corresponding action.
  • Finally, the adopter component will have the actions like creating invoices, creating vendors, creating employees,  and more. Authentication can also be an action since it would be specific to the ERP in context.

Benefits of the API integration Gateway

  • It takes less than a week to go live for any of your customers.
  • It brings the ability to onboard 80% more customers with varied ERPs.
  • It’s a no-code low code reusable integration framework.
  • It abstracts the complexity and helps them integrate with existing ERP via a few clicks on UI.
  • Boosts the efficiency of businesses with ease and flexibility.
  • Automation of more than 30 tasks.

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