How To Build A Handyman App Like Uber & TaskRabbit?
How To Build A Handyman App Like Uber & TaskRabbit?
If you are into the home services business, you can move your business online with a handyman app development like Uber to gain profits.

If you are into the home services business, you can move your business online with a handyman app development like Uber to gain profits. Today, people prefer skilled handymen to help them with different tasks in day to day lives. For example, if you have moved into a new locality and want to change a few things in your kitchen, but have no idea about nearby local contractors to do the job. In such cases, the handyman apps help you get the job done by professionals.


You can simply book an appointment through an on-demand app, an expert will visit your home and fix the issue. It is so simple, isn’t it?

Also, you can use a handyman app to avail professional service to perform a household job on your behalf at a preferred time for a fixed price. When people are moving to such apps to fulfill their household jobs, more and more businesses are finding ways to leverage this sector. Investing in on-demand handyman app development can help you earn profits in the long run. So, let us learn how to build a handyman app like Uber and TaskRabbit and other aspects related to handyman apps.

On-Demand Handyman Apps – What Are They?


These apps are the apps designed to cater to the on-demand services to different homes/places based on their specific requirements. You can book and get some of the daily chores done through these apps like :

  • Mechanical repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Plumbing and many more

The homeowners can get these jobs done by professionals through on-demand handyman apps. The local handyman service providers can reap the benefits of these apps to fetch local clients

On the other hand, homeowners can find professional service providers to do small chores at home. So, these apps connect service providers and customers under one roof.

Now, let us find out how these apps work

Handyman App - How Does It Work?

When it comes to different chores/tasks at home it involves cleaning, plumbing, wiring, carpentry, etc. All these tasks need experts to carry out the job. So, on-demand handyman apps offer professional help for your daily chores with a few clicks. The customers find it super easy and cost-effective to avail of these services from professionals. The app functions like

  • The customer registers to the handyman app by entering necessary details related to the desired task
  • Then the customers are asked to enter their location to get in touch with the nearby handyman service providers
  • Now, the customers can pick the types of services, and select data and availability.
  • The actual charges are displayed for the customers to view before the booking of particular handyman services.
  • Next, customers can check the pricing and go through the booking process
  • After booking the services, the handyman services experts will visit the customers' place at their preferred time and location

What Are The Advantages of Handyman Apps?

  • Allows businesses to build strong relationships with their customers.
  • Helps reduce time and money as most of the tasks for service providers and customers are carried out on the app.
  • Multiple locations can be accessed through the app
  • Follows a systematic process for handyman services.
  • Provides flexible payment options for both service providers and users
  • Cuts down paperwork.
  • Reduces the admin management expenses
  • An online booking form is available
  • Jobs can be scheduled easily
  • Helps handyman service providers build a strong brand identity.

Essential Features To Be Included In A Handyman App

Well, handyman services mobile app development solutions can differ when it comes to the features added to the app. But, some of the essential features that are much-needed in your handyman app are :

  • Smart search feature to help users locate the nearby handyman services faster
  • Appointment scheduling feature
  • GPS and location tracking
  • Multiple payment options

Handyman App like TaskRabbit- Market Statistics

  • Seventy-three percent of homeowners do not call handyman services until they face multiple issues at their home
  • Around 4% of the total value of handyman services is earned by property managers.
  • As per the reports, around 4.5 billion USD will be the market size of various handyman services in the US in 2022

Popular Handyman Apps In 2022

  • AllBetter
  • Handy
  • Thumbtack
  • FieldCamp
  • Family Handyman
  • TaskRabbit
  • Housejoy
  • Mr. Right

What Are The Monetization Strategies Implemented By Handyman Apps?


The three models that can help the handyman app make money are :

Support & Trust Fees

For every transaction carried out through the handyman app, the app owner can charge fixed trust & support fees. The charges are meant for tools addition, team training, customer support, client support, safety measures to safeguard customers, etc. Here, TaskRabbit charges support and trust fees of 7.5% on the total value of the task’s price.

Registration Fees

The handyman app owner can charge a registration fee(non-refundable) from the service providers who are registered on the app. Here, TaskRabbit charges registration fees of 25USD.

Service fees or commission

The handyman app owner can take a fixed amount as service fees from the service providers after they get paid for their services. Here, TaskRabbit charges a commission fee of 15% on the total price of a particular job

What Would Be The Estimated Cost For On-Demand Handyman App Development?

Well, it is one of the vital questions that can hit your mind as to how much it would cost to avail of expert on-demand Handyman App Development Services. Firstly, the on-demand handyman app development is not an easy process. It needs expert assistance and hence the cost depends on the technology used and the tech experts hired. Some other factors that influence the development costs are

  • Features integrated into the app
  • Development team size
  • Backend requirements
  • Data storage options & 3rd party integrations
  • App testing to identify bugs and errors.

Different Aspects To Consider Before Building An App Similar To Uber for Handyman Services


Once you are sure about investing in on-demand services app development like Uber for handyman services, make sure you pen down the vital points that would help you throughout the development process. Here are some of those points

  • Smart project plan to develop a handyman app
  • Prepare project documentation and prototype
  • Focus on functional and non-functional elements like features to be integrated into the app
  • Consider API interface design, write code, etc
  • Consider different design options
  • Decide whether you want to make the app compatible with iOS or Android platforms
  • Test your app
  • Launch your app

Apart from the above phases you also need to identify the certifications and licenses required for handyman service providers.

Final Words

To build an on-demand home services app similar to TaskRabbit, you need expert assistance to launch a successful app.

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