Drupal or WordPress? 4 Tips to choose the best CMS for your business website in 2023
Drupal or WordPress? 4 Tips to choose the best CMS for your business website in 2023
Atlas Team can assist you in creating a website using WordPress or Drupal, and our team can also advise you on the appropriate amount of extensions for WordPress or Drupal. Request for website development estimation to check out our services and our expertise.

Businesses often are in a dilemma, about which content management system to use for their website – Drupal or WordPress? The primary distinction between Drupal and WordPress is that Drupal caters to developers and offers more customization options, whilst WordPress is more user-friendly for beginners.

So, if you have the following questions for Drupal VS WordPress:

  • Q1. Which one is simpler to use?
  • Q2. How are the contents managed?
  • Q3. Which is significantly faster?
  • Q4. Which platform is safer, and why?
  • Q5. Which CMS is most flexible and adaptive?

You are going to get your answers today. WordPress & Drupal market share is higher than all the other platforms for content management. Their individual performance is up to the mark but the audience they cater to differs widely.

In this article, we’ll examine WordPress development and Drupal development along with other aspects around it side-by-side in greater depth.

There are many followers on both sides of the WordPress vs. Drupal discussion if you browse the internet. If we do not consider WordPress & Drupal market share individually and just focus on the functionality & development aspect, then we would be giving you a better idea about which CMS you should choose for your business. The following are some of the most common reasons given for choosing one platform over another,

WordPress in 2023

Although Drupal is progressing well, WordPress is still the best for admin user experience in 2023. WordPress development outperforms Drupal development in terms of the ready-made themes offered by websites like ThemeForest, eliminating the cost and time constraints while creating a website.

Advantages of WordPress

  1. Usage – WordPress is easier to use, especially for non-developers.
  2. Help and Support: It’s simple to obtain support for any problems you have owing to WordPress’ large global community.
  3. Development is cheaper – WordPress provides more “out of the box” options, and WordPress developers are often less expensive than Drupal developers.
  4. Right Extension –  The ability to extend WordPress without requiring specialized programming is made possible by third-party theme and plugin communities. Some even claim that WordPress is capable of performing any task that Drupal is capable of by using the right extensions.

Drupal in 2023

As an enterprise-level CMS platform for larger, more complicated projects, Drupal has emerged as the undefeated leader. Drupal development requires coding so that it can work better.

Advantages of Drupal

  1. Core Support: Support for multilingual sites is built into Drupal 8’s core, as opposed to WordPress sites, which will always rely on third-party plugins.
  2. Taxonomy system for handling big amounts of information – Compared to WordPress, Drupal’s taxonomy system is more adaptable, which can make it perfect for managing large amounts of material.
  3. Access Permissions: In contrast to WordPress single-site, which comes with 5 default user roles, Drupal features an integrated access control system that allows you to build new roles with customized rights.
  4. Customization: Despite the fact that WordPress also has custom post categories, most users believe Drupal’s custom categories to be a little more adaptable.

4 key differences between WordPress and Drupal

Search Engine Optimization

Your website is now complete, has been published with your content, and is accessible on the internet. However, your effort is not yet done.

Beyond initially creating your site, you’ll still need to perform regular updates, resolve any issues and execute activities like optimizing your website through SEO Services.

WordPress SEO

Everything from WordPress Development to plugins and themes, every component of your site may be easily updated using WordPress. From the WordPress dashboard, anything can be done in a few clicks. It’s important to keep your website updated in all areas since doing so will assist to prevent any security concerns.

However, aside from making sure your website is constantly running the most recent version, you probably also have other concerns, like traffic.

It’s a good thing that WordPress is already quite SEO-friendly. Additionally, Yoast SEO plugins are available for installation if you want to maximize your optimization possibilities.

In addition, you can always rely on the large WordPress community for support no matter what problems you have, such as plugin conflicts or the need to add a certain feature to your website.

Drupal SEO

If you’re not a developer, it may be challenging to keep your Drupal site updated asd Drupal development is not for those who do not know coding. Drupal cannot be updated directly from the UI. So a professional developer should probably do the work for Drupal.

Apart from the challenging updating procedure, Drupal performs a decent job with SEO. The CMS has been designed with best practices for SEO in mind,  like built-in coaching. 

The Drupal community is really helpful and supportive, however, it is considerably smaller than the WordPress community. Additionally, it appears that developers rather than beginner users are present in the group.

2. Speed Performance

A fast-loading website is a must if you want to rank well in search engines and attract visitors.

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Even if your website is the most beautiful in the world, visitors won’t stay to visit it if it takes too long to load.


The speed of WordPress is one of its main flaws. This does not indicate that it cannot be fast, but several webmasters fail to properly optimize their websites. You can end up with a really fast website if you know exactly what you’re doing or even invest the time to implement WordPress optimization strategies.

Alternatively, your site will load really quickly if you choose to utilize WordPress-managed hosting since you’ll be using a server environment that has been specially tailored for your website.

In general, WordPress provides impressive results . However, your website’s efficiency and loading speed will decrease if you take actions like using too many plugins, using a theme that is poorly coded, or you fail to optimize properly.

However, you can have a very fast website if you implement WordPress image optimization, Choose the right theme and also apply other strategies for optimization.


The use of Drupal can aid in creating websites that are very responsive and load quickly. The CMS’s low resource usage is a major contributing factor in this. The result is faster response times and lightning-fast server communication.

Additionally, this improves its ability to manage websites with hundreds of pages. Furthermore, you’ll have the option to add other extensions to boost performance even more, such as enabling website caching.

3. Security

You want your site to be safe regardless of the type you’re developing. No eCommerce website is ever completely safe. Instead, striving to get the highest degree of security should be your primary focus. 


The core of WordPress is highly safe. However, the increasing use of plugins and themes from third parties unlocks further security gaps.

Additionally, because it’s a very well-known CMS, security risks are far more likely to affect it. In reality, WordPress is the CMS that gets hacked the most. But don’t be scared by it.

You run the risk of installing a plugin or theme that is poorly built with WordPress because of the vast ecosystem of plugins and themes available.

However, you may reduce the risk of any security flaws by adhering to WordPress security guidelines.


One of the most secure content management systems out there is Drupal, which has developed a reputation for this over time.

Although few security flaws have previously existed with Drupal, they were always promptly fixed.

Drupal takes security extremely seriously, and that is evident. Drupal is now less vulnerable to hacking since there are fewer websites utilizing it and a smaller marketplace for themes and plugins. Its security requirements are still quite strict, though.

4. Pricing

Despite being free to download and set up, there are costs involved with using both Drupal and WordPress to create a website.

WordPress is probably an excellent alternative for you if your company is smaller, you have a lesser development budget, and you don’t care too much about the specifics of the design or functionality.


Drupal is the best choice if you’re looking to build a more customized website for your business. Due to Drupal developers’ unavailability and higher cost, it has historically been difficult for businesses to find skilled Drupal developers.

The degree of complexity for which you must plan will determine what CMS you require. WordPress’s user-friendly interface is better suited to your needs whether you’re searching for a website to host a blog or a small company. Certainly, you can easily change your website from drupal to WordPress or from WordPress to drupal.


For complex, highly customized websites that demand scalability and the business of large volumes of material, Drupal is the best choice. Drupal is most likely a fantastic alternative for you if your business is on the enterprise end of the spectrum and you have highly specialized technological needs. The Atlas Team can assist you in creating a website using WordPress or Drupal, and our team can also advise you on the appropriate amount of extensions for WordPress or Drupal. Request for website development estimation to check out our services and our expertise.