AWS Consulting Services
AWS Consulting Services
As per statistics, Scalability and Security are two major concerns of any growing company. In this blog, we will focus on the Scalability challenges and a proven strategy to deploy your solution infrastructure on AWS with all the security measures supported by AWS.

Want to Implement a Secure and Scalable Infrastructure on AWS?

Scalability issues arise when an application receives more users than expected. At that point, the tech team begins to look for someone who can magically add more nodes to the system and scale the application.

However, this is not the right way to approach scalability. Decisions for scalability should be made early in the development process. Even before you’ve decided on frontend and backend technology.

Well, As a result of scalability issues, a tech hiring platform came to us with the idea of deploying their infrastructure on AWS. They wanted their solution to be highly available and scalable based on the workload, traffic, and peak hours.

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Benefits of Deploying Your Solution Infrastructure on AWS

Over 7,500 government agencies and 5,000 educational institutions use AWS, isn’t it worth considering?  Check out the incredible benefits AWS brings to your organization:

How to Implement a Secure and Scalable Infrastructure on AWS

Consider the following steps to implement a secure and scalable infrastructure on AWS:

  • Create an architecture using tools like ECS Fargate with Autoscaling & SPOT instead of ECS NodeGroups to save the cost as well as to scale automatically. 
  • Introduce Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) tool like terraform to spin up a new solution infrastructure in a few minutes. 
  • Consider the AWS savings plan and how it can benefit the overall cost. 
  • If required, set up the AWS organization for consolidated billing. 
  • Integrate the G-Suite with AWS Single-Sign-On to manage access centrally across their AWS Organization
  • Create a new infrastructure that was secured with the help of AWS services and resources such as AWS WAF, NACLs, and internal load balancers

Bonus Tip: Implement alerts and notifications with the help of AWS Cloudwatch and SNS.

Would you like to get into the architecture diagram? See here

Scalability is a mysterious and powerful magic everybody wants for their business. And AAIC has the AWS magicians in its team who help you scale on-demand Using AWS tools, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing. 

Besides AWS expertise, we help companies master performance and collaboration through our DevOps services.  

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