Are You Affected by Employee Swipe-in/swipe-out Latency Issues?
Are You Affected by Employee Swipe-in/swipe-out Latency Issues?
If you are in a position of leadership in a business where employees’ time on the floor (ToF) and time on campus (Tic) values are important in measuring business revenue. And you’re experiencing latency issues as you process data from various controllers.

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Are You Affected by Employee Swipe-in/swipe-out Latency Issues?

We had a client who was operating in an IT service industry with over 2 lakh employees and clients on six continents.

They were facing a one-day latency in processing 1.8 lakh+ employees’ swipe-in and swipe-out data from various controllers. That’s why they approached the AAIC team and we have helped them have a robust solution.

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The Challenges Faced Because of the Swipe-in/Swipe-out Latency Issues

You may be familiar with the tedious process of extracting data from various controllers. Not just that, there are other direct and indirect challenges you may have faced because of the Swipe-in/Swipe-out latency issues.




Leadership lacks good insights into all the data that was being collected through the sensors.

Unable to leverage the data to help with the betterment of the staff and provide a proactive level of security to female employees.

Solution Steps Taken To Record Real-Time Data

We helped the client process all swipe-in and swipe-out records in real-time using the AWS services. The code for the solution is designed keeping in mind the best practices of product development, so that it is easily packaged and distributed to its customers, thereby increasing their business while using the same solution internally.

The solution was built to provide the following: 

  • Near real-time door swipe in/out data to be available to any employee on customer internal portals and mobile devices for Employee Time on Floor (ToF) and Employee Time in Campus (TIC).
  • Maximum delay of 3-4 minutes from swipe to generate ToF and TIC reports.
  • Report displaying within 200 Milliseconds of request. 
  • Processing of 1.5 million swipes a day across 8000 controllers located across India.
  • Allowing Employees to manually override/edit Time in Campus timings. 
  • Allowed employees to edit the last 14 days’ TIC. 
  • Visibility of 3 months of data (not real-time but on-demand). 
  • Instant notifications to managers and HR updating if,
    • A female employee is working alone on the floor 
    • A female employee is working alone but will be joined by ‘N’ employee(s) 
    • A female employee is leaving late or the Swipe IN/OUT card reader is not working.


  • AWS QuickSight dashboards that provide the following intelligence:
    • Female employee shift trend analytics 
    • Employees having low/high floor time 
    • Number of times employees go out of the floor on an average
    • Average time spent by the employee out of the floor Number of employees expected on campus over holiday/weekends

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Swipe-in/swipe-out Latency Issues Solution Highlights

  • A highly scalable and flexible solution using AWS Managed Services that provides faster ingestion and processing times of large volumes of data along with easy and secure integration capabilities with existing customer applications. 
  • REAN Cloud design not just solved the immediate real-time availability of Tof and TiC but also included Machine Learning capabilities into the solution to provide additional reports such – as alone women on the floor, holiday schedules, etc. 
  • The system was improved to provide the employees with an option to quickly make edits to their erroneous attendance records due to tail-gating or malfunctioned sensors. 
  • Optimizations in infrastructure costs were observed as the solution leveraged the use of serverless microservices technology along with AWS Managed Services for all components which are billed in a pay-as-you-go model.

You might agree that we at AAIC not just solved the problem but also optimized the infrastructure cost using the serverless microservices technology. Our AWS experts know managed services well and how they are going to impact your processes.

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