9 Possible SEO Reasons For Dropping The Website Ranking
9 Possible SEO Reasons For Dropping The Website Ranking
Here is a list of the 9 SEO reasons for droping website rankings, Hire best digital marketing agency to fix this all seo reasons.

9 Possible SEO Reasons For Dropping The Website Ranking

Businesses and marketers alike are interested in learning about the techniques used to get high search engine rankings. In today's world of internet marketing, however, it is equally important to be aware of the elements that can lower the rank of your website.


One of the main methods for generating visitors now is online marketing. Furthermore, Google is a popular search engine that aids in driving a tonne of visitors to websites with high search engine rankings. To position a website at the top of SERPs, online marketers typically engage in a variety of SEO efforts. However, there are several aspects that marketers frequently overlook, and as a result, they have to deal with issues like website rank decline or increases in position in the SERP.

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As the inbound marketing series continues, we have clarified numerous approaches to content generation, marketing, and various SEO types of activities. This article will cover several causes of website ranking declines as well as prevention advice.


What causes a website to drop in the search engine result page (SERP) rankings?


  1. Missing links

The most important off-page action carried out by an SEO agency in Delhi is obtaining backlinks from other websites. Having a lot of backlinks to your website may help you rank higher. But occasionally losing these links causes the website's ranking to decline.


You may analyze your backlinks with the aid of several paid and free backlink checker programs. You can check for a web page that has encountered a rank decline and you can evaluate why that particular web page lost the link.


Keep track of the number of backlinks pointing to your website in order to avoid this kind of rank decline problem. You can get new, lost, and broken link reports using programs that are both paid for and available for free. Maintain a constant focus on examining individual connections; doing so will help you gain a thorough understanding of lost links. 


  • Don't keep links that have been purposefully removed because they are unnatural links and you risk Google penalizing you for it.

  • Outgoing links may occasionally be lost during website remodeling; however, you can keep those links.

  • You can attempt to fix any broken inbound links.


2. Change in the Search Engine Algorithm

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and others are available. One of the most well-known search engines that focuses on providing enhanced search results and better user experience is "GOOGLE" among all of them. And Google adjusts its algorithm yearly to do that. Popular Google algorithm updates include Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Possum, and others. You may keep your website's ranking by updating it in accordance with the most recent algorithm change. 


3. Natural Ranking Change

Google improves its search results for users when there is this kind of natural rank fluctuation. If you notice their rank altering, you shouldn't be concerned about a Google penalty. You can regain your previous rating by changing your website's content and design.


4. Website loading time


Website page speed is how quickly a web page loads and appears in a web browser. Your page rank is significantly influenced by it. More visitors may leave a website quickly if the page load time exceeds 6 seconds. Additionally, it may lower your page rating because Google favors websites with higher-quality visitors.


5. Outdated Content

While outdated or older material is necessary and valuable, it will not sustain your website's ranking for very long. There is a potential that your website traffic and ranking will begin to decline after you cease updating your material. All websites strive to rank highly in search engine results, and the majority of them have found that fresh, high-quality material always attracts more visitors. Additionally, Google favors websites with high traffic.


6. Website Design Modification

One of the least preferred techniques among website owners is redesigning a website. since altering your website has the risk of hurting your ranking and reducing traffic.


But if you want to alter or rebuild your website, there are a few things you may take into account. Verify the incoming links to your current website because, if you lose them, you may be able to get them back after revamping it. Put together a metric summary of your previous ON-Page and Off-Page SEO efforts. In order to improve your website's ranking on SERP, you can use the metrics mentioned above.


7. Overloaded servers

Always pick a hosting plan that can accommodate a spike in traffic. when a link to your website or web page is highlighted on a high-ranking website. Then it's likely that your website will experience problems with traffic. Additionally, occasionally a sudden spike in traffic can cause server overload and crashes.


Google may lower your rank if your website consistently has overloading issues. There are increased chances for a website to crash when using shared hosting. Shared hosting is used for the majority of WordPress websites. Because shared hosting is less expensive in the beginning, it is a smart idea to use it. 


8. Geolocation Inconsistencies

Depending on where the search was conducted, your ranks will vary. To acquire a more precise and accurate grasp of your rankings, you'll need to verify them in numerous different geographic locations in addition to the one where you checked them initially.


9. Meta Information

Search engines can be informed about the type of information your site offers via metadata or meta tags. The title tag is among the most crucial kinds of metadata that can help you improve your SEO rankings.



Increased website traffic cannot be achieved using shortcuts. It takes a lot of time and effort to increase your search engine presence. Avoid attempting to cut corners by using dubious tactics because doing so could result in poor search engine positioning and decreased visitors. To improve your internet presence and expand your business, stay current on the newest developments and best practices.