50 Types Of Light Bulbs | Incandescent Light Bulb
50 Types Of Light Bulbs | Incandescent Light Bulb
A light bulb has become one of the modern world’s beauties. Light bulbs are extremely common and they may be found almost anywhere on the earth.Since Thomas Edison, as well as Joseph Swan, invented the very first light bulb in the nineteenth century, light bulbs have been illuminating our houses, workplaces, as well as structures.

After two centuries, light bulbs have made enormous progress as well as considerable improvements in terms of efficiency, light quality, density, and energy saving. Light bulbs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, voltages, as well as materials.

What Is Light Bulb?

The electric lamp’s glass portion that emits light while electricity is passed through it is known as a bulb. A light bulb is an electric light source which is also referred to as a lamp.


In the middle, there are two solid connecting wires with a thin wire connected between them. This thin wire is known as filament. The bulb becomes fused when the thin wire filament breaks, and even a fused bulb does not glow.