The Sage Fly Fishing Vest
The Sage Fly Fishing Vest
The Sage Fly Fishing vest is a product that any avid fly fisher should be proud to own. If you’ve never used a fly fishing vest before, it is essential to consider that these items can give you a massive advantage out on the water.

The Sage Fly Fishing Vest

The Sage Fly Fishing vest is a product that any avid fly fisher should be proud to own. If you’ve never used a fly fishing vest before, it is essential to consider that these items can give you a massive advantage out on the water. The Sage Fly Fishing Vest is perhaps one of the most versatile products in this category. It offers lightweight and sturdy construction, and it comes with an adjustable fit that can suit almost anyone.

The company:

Sage is a well-established manufacturer, and this is part of the reason why The Sage Fly Fishing Vest is built with such quality in mind. Based out of Bainbridge Island WA, Sage Fly Fishing started 35 years ago when an Olympian and a renowned flyfishing rod designer came together to create some of the most innovative flyfishing materials. Sage Fly Fishing has since become some of the best-known flyfishing products for their longevity. With over 175 employees found across the United States, Sage continues to revolutionize performance angling.

The Fly Fishing Vest:

The vest materials

The Sage Fly Fishing Vest in its latest format was launched in the year 2016 with a revolutionary new fabric mesh system. The goal of this fabric mesh was to make sure that anyone out on the water could remain cool with an ultralight flyfishing vest. Even though the mesh is one of the primary materials of this vest, it’s still one of the most durable on the market.

What is even more surprising is a large number of the mesh items across the vast are produced using recycled commercial fishing nets. The recycled netting adds to the strength of the vest while making sure that it’s extremely environmentally friendly to produce.

The backing area of The Sage Fly Fishing Vest is designed using an entirely mesh construction so that while you’re out on the water, you can make sure that you can better regulate your temperature. The side pockets and the padded shoulder straps also improve comfort and offer highly durable materials.

The padded shoulder straps come with foam that can be easily replaced by the website. A molded fly bench also is available alongside the vest from the company to improve your comfort out on the water.

The storage:

The vest has incredible storage spaces with the two main pockets on the side, ten additional zippered front pockets, and four inside pockets. The four interior pockets are perfect for carrying some of your personal items, whereas the outside pockets can carry full-sized fly boxes. The ten smaller pockets are the ideal way that you can bring along tools as well as separate some of the other items that you might need out on the water.

The easy access sizeable back pouch is one of the best ways that you can carry personal items and some larger items for your fishing along. This aspect of the vest works more like a backpack, but it keeps any of the things that you place inside this pouch tight to your body for easy casting.

The specialty tippet dispenser pocket makes for an easier time with tying your rigs and getting ready to cast. The dispenser pocket can free up your hands and make the process of getting your line ready, much more comfortable.

The features:

With the cool mesh design, recycled fabric materials, replaceable padding in the shoulder straps and incredible access to pockets, this is a vest that does not shy away from features. With its durable design and the many features on board, you can have a flexible loadout that can keep you comfortable fishing in a number of different conditions.

If you have never used a flyfishing vest or thought of getting one, here are some of the significant advantages that you can receive by choosing to wear a flyfishing vest during your next fishing trip:

The Comfort:

Most of the weight for a flyfishing vest is spread across your shoulders. Chest pack designs or mobile tackle boxes often lead to all of the weight being carried around your neck. A vest usually allows you to fish longer and have more balance when you are casting. The Sage Fly Fishing Vest delivers such a lightweight frame so that you can keep your balance even more easily.


A good-quality vest like The Sage Fly Fishing Vest will make sure that you don’t have to go through a messy tackle box or run back to sure every few minutes to get the supplies that you need. You can enjoy having pockets for everything from spare line to pliers, to new flies and more.

It is fashionable:

Having a flyfishing vest can be a very stylish choice of the colors that have been chosen with The Sage Fly Fishing Vest are definitely of a neutral tone. These have been a prominent choice amongst anglers for many generations, and they offer a classic fashion look for any fisher.

Less inhibited:

A heavy bag will often inhibit your movement, and it can lead to problems with casts. A misplaced cast could lead to a broken rod tip or a dangerous snag. With The Sage Fly Fishing Vest, the pockets remain compact, and you can distribute your weight evenly so that you have more control over your flyfishing experience.


If you are curious about picking up a flyfishing vest as a gift or for improving your own flyfishing experience, the Sage Fly Fishing Vest remains an excellent product that you can use for keeping organized with your fly fishing. The product is exceptionally durable, cool and lightweight, and it has a surprising amount of storage. Intuitive features like the Tippit dispensing pocket, roomy backpack, replaceable from seat and shoulders improve the longevity of this product too.

Although this is not the least expensive flyfishing vest on the market, it is a product that has been designed to last. If you are seeking tools that will be some of the best in the business for your fly fishing, this is a vest that can take you on many comfortable trips for flyfishing.