The Best Real Gangster Crime | Crime City Game
The Best Real Gangster Crime | Crime City Game
Do you want to play one of the most immersive, high quality, action-packed real gangster? Download and play Gangster’s Paradise!

Best Real Gangster Crime | Crime City Game

Do you want to play one of the most immersive, high quality, action-packed real gangster? Download and play Gangster’s Paradise! Play as a lone real superhero who must face off against gang star, gang members, kingpins, bandidos from cartels, Russian mafia and New Orleans gangster squad. Thug life isn’t easy in this vice city but we know you have what it takes to be a hero that defeat all the gangster squads who are destroying real gangster crime city! Here you will find the most amazing action gangster game


you play as superhero who faces off so many gangster squad in your hometown, San Andreas game, gangstar Vegas crime patrol. You must face off gang star who works for Russian mafia, mobsters from New Orleans, Italian kingpins, bandidos from Mexican cartels, mobster, and other gangbangers around town. This is an action packed game where you have to complete game objectives in gangster game. You will have to go somewhere by walking, or riding a vehicle, fight bandidos from Mexican cartels, las vegas, or shoot these gang members off. You can upgrade your weapons and level up. Crime patrol to catch gang leader.

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Game control

This crime city game is played in landscape mode with two hands control. The left joystick control where you’re going and the right side control action such as fighting and shooting. We have an immersive tutorial to help you get a hang of the game.


  • OFFLINE play: no internet? Don’t worry. You can still enjoy playing even without internet connection.
  • Immersive role playing game: play as a superhero facing the gangbangers from San Andreas, New Orleans, and other gang members characters in gangstar Vegas crime city. You will find gang star, thieves, enemies, and cops. Leave the cops alone! They are your ally in this dog eat dog vice city.
  • Smooth, responsive game control: we use virtual joystick control to make it more user friendly and responsive. A thug life is full of challenge. We make sure you know how to accomplish your objectives in the real gangster crime city. 
  • Tutorial: so many games are so confusing to play. We provide step by step tutorial in the game so you will be familiar with the game control and how to complete missions. No crime no gang leader 
  • Amazing 3D HD graphic: immerse yourself in the city of San Andreas. Explore the city as you complete your missions to eliminate gangbangers, kill off gang star or kingpins, and destroy the Russian mafia city and cartels crime patrol. 
  • Weapons & Items: There are so many weapons and items to help you accomplish your missions. Drive cars, trucks or bikes. Shoot with rifles, throw grenades, use flamethrowers, and much more, war gangster city game. 
  • Upgrade Items: Upgrade your character and your weapons. For your character, you can upgrade his power and health, defence, and speed. You can also upgrade your abilities, buy items, and upgrade parachute, crime games. 
  • You will find endless thing to discover in this vice city. You can find new vehicles, enemies, location and so much more. As you level up you will become stronger and more capable to complete more challenging missions without getting yourself killed in the process. So, do you are to enter this dangerous vice city game to take on this perilous mission? Download our game for FREE and enjoy living the thug life as a superhero! vice versa.


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