One Thousand Roses Book | Shahram Kabiri
One Thousand Roses Book | Shahram Kabiri
I'm a committed individual. I appreciate perusing, and the information and viewpoint that my perusing gives me has fortified my astuteness abilities and capacities.

I'm an individual who is sure about each part of life. There are numerous things I like to do, to see, and to encounter. I like to peruse, I like to compose; I like to think, I like to dream; I like to talk, I like to tune in. I like to see the dawn in the first part of the day, I live with the nightfall, I like to see the twilight around evening time; I like to feel the music streaming all over, I like to smell the breeze coming from the sea. I like to take a gander at the mists in the sky with a clear brain, I like to do psychological studies when I can't rest in the evening. I like blossoms in spring, ocean in summer, leaves in harvest time, and downpour in winter. I like to rest late, I like to rise and shine early; I like to be distant from everyone else, I like to be encircled by individuals. I like nation's tranquility, I like city's commotion; I like wonderful spots, I like the tannins in wine @888shk. I like heavenly food; I like great books and heartfelt films. I like the land and nature, I like individuals. Furthermore, I like to snicker.


I generally needed to be an extraordinary author, similar to Victor Hugo who stated "Les Miserable", or like Roman Roland who expressed "John Christopher". They have impacted great many individuals through their books. I additionally needed to be an incredible analyst, as William James or Sigmund Freud, who could guess what people might be thinking. Obviously, I am no place near these individuals, yet. I'm simply somebody who carry on with an ordinary life, does some business, some exploration, and some composition. Yet, my fantasy is as yet alive.


I'm a committed individual. I appreciate perusing, and the information and viewpoint that my perusing gives me has fortified my astuteness abilities and capacities. I have been fortunate enough to prevail at numerous things I began with, and I trait this accomplishment to my understanding, capacity to plan, timetable, and handle various undertakings on the double. This adaptability will help me in the workplace, where there are various characters and societies.


His folks initially from Iran, Tehran. They moved to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) since 1975 and have lived there as of not long ago. As a youngster, he had an unmistakable fascination for soccer and sought after taekwondo and kung fu hand to hand fighting at a youthful age. He is an alum of Global Economics, Business Management and International Law. He is a money manager, CEO, counselor, and an independent artist/author shahram kabiri. His work across various trains comprehensively addresses stories of human experience. As a young person, he was energetic about verse and regularly invested his extra energy recorded as a hard copy sonnets. At first he began his compositions on an individual blog page called "Parvangi" and later altered and introduced it as a computerized book. From that point, with the coming of Facebook, he posted his compositions on his own page and later forged ahead Instagram. The majority of his works are heartfelt sonnets, and hardly any artists, for example, Siavash Shams and Babak Jahanbakhsh have sung them. One of his most famous verses, "Mohtaj" (Needy), is performed by Siavash Shams. As an author he has composed two books "In some cases I miss myself" and "1,000 roses".

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