Jackpot King : Online roulette in India
Jackpot King : Online roulette in India
Jackpot King welcomes you to an online site designed by casino & sports betting experts to help bettors in India bet legally.

What is online roulette?

  To know the scenario of online roulette in India let us first get some insight on the subject.

  What if we could play roulette games without even going to a real casino? Is that possible? If you’re looking for an answer you’re at the right place.

  Online roulette is a game where one can deal with real dealers, in a real layout, in real-time. Roulette is a classic gambling game widely played around the world and thanks to the booming advancements in technology, it is a dream no more to experience the feeling of actually playing in a real casino, without breaking a sweat.

Is Online roulette “The next big thing”?

Online roulette is one of the freshest and innovative things to happen in the entire Indian casino industry. It gives the mass better opportunities for all the players from India to tune in and play their favorite game with just an android phone or a laptop. This goes without saying that after Covid-19 hitting the country this is arguably the best option for all aspiring roulette gamers in India.  

How does it work?

  To achieve this level of advancement in online roulette in India, developers stepped up and used innovative technology to guard the safety and quality of the experience. 

  Each game is streamed live from a dedicated studio where highly trained ‘dealers’ are responsible for the comfort of the respective players. This makes it more and more intriguing as it makes the game come alive. 

  Also, there are safety mechanisms to make sure the game is being played fair and square, and by verifying the fairness of each bet one can access various versions of the game.

Gambling and Betting Legislation in India 

   The legislation on gambling in India as a whole is constantly changing, the entire scenario is trickier with all the states having their own laws.

  Gambling laws in India are confusing. The judiciary has always tried to solve these issues by various decided case laws and has tried to provide clarity on the subject from time to time. 

  However, with the latest technological changes throwing upon the sector the mass is now permitted to activities which lie at the very borderline of gambling laws in India. These activities are not yet to be scrutinized and are yet to be tested across the courts in India.

What the future holds : 

  • iGaming as a whole is a humongous prospect in India, a country that possesses a steady rise of online development companies. 

  • The general psyche of Indians regarding gambling has changed a great deal lately. 

  • Recent events due to the pandemic have forced millions of people into their homes, and online roulette games can be a great mode of entertainment to the mass.

Over time, all these have had a huge impact on changing the attitudes of government officials. They have realized citizens are playing these games anyway. In the coming days, the authorization of additional licenses and legalizing these games seem inevitable.