Faucet Manufacturers
Faucet Manufacturers
There are several different Faucet Manufacturers to choose from.

Faucet Manufacturers

This article will highlight some of them, such as Friedrich Grohe, Fresca, and Brasstech. These companies use technology and equipment that adheres to quality standards. You can also visit the factories to see the quality of the products. Foshan sourcing companies will be able to help you find the best value for your money.



Founded in 1987 by a father-son team, Brasstech, Inc. produces high quality and reasonably priced products in a wide variety of styles and materials. The company also produces bathroom accessories such as showerheads, bath fixtures, and lighting. The company has two primary brands, Newport Brass and GINGER. Both brands offer high-end, well-crafted faucets and bathroom accessories.


Brasstech produces high-end designer plumbing products in their manufacturing facility in Santa Ana, California. They produce a variety of products in the Plumbtrim, Newport Brass, and plumbing trim categories. Their manufacturing facility is over fifteen thousand square feet, and the company employs more than 1,800 people. The company was founded by Geoffrey and Ross Escalette in 1987 and is now owned by the Masco Corporation.


Newport Brass is a premium brand of solid brass faucets. The company has a number of water dispenser options to match with their kitchen Faucet Manufacturers. Some of these units are equipped with a reverse osmosis water filter system. However, these models cannot be used as a bar faucet or main faucet.



Fresca is known for the quality of their products. All of their products come with warranties that cover defects in materials and workmanship. They guarantee leak-free performance during normal use. Warranty coverage covers repairs and replacement parts free of charge. Fresca will also replace the entire product if necessary.


Fresca is owned by RGM Distribution, a New York corporation. They began selling bathroom vanities and consoles in 2006 and expanded into faucets and toilets in 2010. Their products are manufactured in China and sold in various retailers, including online stores. Decor Planet is their e-tail store, which sells the company's products under the Fresca name. Both Fresca and Decor Planet are registered trade names.


Whether you are upgrading your bathroom or just adding a touch of style to it, a Fresca bathroom faucet is sure to make a statement. The company's designs are gorgeous and ensure flawless functionality. Whether you need a classic single handle faucet or a modern vessel mount waterfall faucet, they have a design for you.



TOTO is a faucet manufacturer that makes products that are safe for drinking water. All of its faucets have undergone rigorous testing at independent laboratories to ensure their safety. They also comply with lead-free and drinking-water standards. Only faucets that meet these requirements are permitted for use in drinking water systems in the U.S. and Canada.


This Japanese company produces a variety of faucets in two-handle and single-handle designs. These faucets and fixtures are designed to promote healthy living and improve preventative maintenance. Many of these products are used in hotels all over the world. They offer premium materials and excellent construction, making them the perfect addition to your bathroom.


Toto also values the environment and values customer satisfaction. The company produces more products in the U.S. than its competition. It is owned by the Japanese building products company LIXIL. By comparison, American Standard manufactures less than a dozen sanitary ware products in the U.S. and imports the rest from China and Mexico.


Friedrich Grohe

Friedrich Grohe is a faucet manufacturer based in Germany. The company was founded in 1901. The company began by manufacturing metal products for the sanitary area. The company eventually moved into the production of showers, tubs, and drains. After the 1980s, the company expanded to other countries, including Canada, Mexico, and the United States. It was known for its high quality and was considered a luxury brand.


In the mid-1980s, the company introduced a new line of faucets. The Ladylux kitchen faucet was the first to come with a pull-out spray, followed by the Europlus. This new style helped to boost Grohe's sales. The company also introduced a white finish for their faucets. The white finish led to a seven-year sales increase. Later, the company introduced clear powder-coating to its products to improve adhesion. Eventually, the company replaced their powder-coated products with stainless steel versions.


The company began its history in the early twentieth century in Germany. Friedrich Grohe, the second son of Hans Grohe, took over a sanitary products factory in Westphalia. It quickly expanded into a manufacturing facility for bathroom fixtures. By 1928, the company employed 100 people.