Website Clone Scripts Vs 3rd Party Clone Scripts
Website Clone Scripts Vs 3rd Party Clone Scripts
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What are Clone Scripts?

Clone Scripts are only the genuine site that is made from the scratch with the reference of a generally existing site which is totally lawful. These days numerous individuals are inclining toward this clone scripts since it enjoys liberal benefits like


It is Cost-viable - yet scripts are created from the current one so these scripts would be really moderate.

It is Time viable - in light of the fact that generally the software engineers would have broken down the center idea, so for customization, it will not take a lot of time.


Simple for Deployment - Can play a protected game through clone scripts. Since the danger behind the scenes would have been now checked. so it's not difficult to convey.


Are you looking for any ready-made scripts at unbelievable cheap rates? Whether you're looking for Uber clone or any other popular website clone, there are thousands of ready-made 3rd party products and services available to consumers just a click away where you can find the right script as per your needs for your business. The price that is on offer for a ready-made clone of the most popular websites is so good to be true, that you will almost get convinced by the price itself to buy it and start dreaming of becoming the next social media czar.

If you're looking for an example, have a look at this uber clone! you won't believe it but it is for $1500 USD! A Facebook clone is for USD 1000! So What makes uber plans for a US$50 billion IPO, If you could make uber for $1500? Anybody telling you this is lying and is a cheat! You can get a very simple and outdated social networking script at, maybe, $500 or $1000, well, but not a full-fledged social media platform similar to Uber or any other leading social media site for that matter.


However, It's all about perspectives. I don't say that that 3rd party ready-made scripts are badly coded or you should not purchase it at all. It all depends on what business plan you have and what is your business model. You just to be careful here in selecting your ready-made script as a vast majority of cheap 3rd party scripts aren’t scalable, robust, and user-friendly. Merging and integrating different 3rd party website clone scripts is not an easy job.


So are you confused when to go ahead with a 3rd party ready-made module and when to go ahead with a professional custom development approach for popular website clones?


When and why to go for a 3rd party ready-made clone scripts?


1. When your budget is less than or around USD 1,000

2. When you want to use the script ‘as is’ and have very little or no customization requirement at all

3. When you are not planning to run that website for a long term

4. When you are planning to sell that website within 6 months or max. a year

5. If you are planning to test around and see how the initial response is from the market that you are targeting for your website


The majority of clients that we get for our website clone services are the ones who have already purchased resell scripts and then want to upgrade it or customize it with further additional features.


When and why to go for a custom development approach for a popular website clone?

1 When you want a website developed that is scalable, robust, user-friendly and wants to gain a competitive advantage over your competition

2 When your plan is long term

3 Your short term plan is to build a bankable and world-class beta version


4 You don’t want your site to slow down when more than 4-5 visitors visit it simultaneously