Top 5 On-demand Software Development Staff Augmentation Skills
Top 5 On-demand Software Development Staff Augmentation Skills
However, the market is experiencing great demand for skills in the software development staff augmentation space. Take a glance at the top skills in demand for staff augmentation.

It isn't surprising that many businesses are choosing Staff Augmentation these days. Cost reduction, faster production times, and an overall increase in productivity are just a few benefits of utilizing this service!

When deciding if outsourcing software development would be best for your company think about the skills required for optimal performance. You'll also need to decide what qualities you're looking for in prospective applicants.

However, the market is experiencing great demand for skills in the software development staff augmentation space. Take a glance at the top skills in demand for staff augmentation.

Top Software Development Staff Augmentation Skills


JavaScript code is executed on the client's computer rather than on the web server, which greatly speeds up its execution time. AND! JavaScript can make use of browser functionality, such as HTML forms and cookies.

It's primarily used to provide dynamic content to users or collect information from them (e.g., by filling out a form). There are many powerful features in JavaScript that have been added in recent years, like WebSockets and Canvas.

The former enables real-time messaging between a browser and a server, while the latter enables high-performance graphics within browsers without plug-ins. Thus, JavaScript is a major skill in IT staff augmentation services across the world.


The most in-demand languages are C, C++, Python, Java, and JavaScript. Python skills for staff augmentation services are in high demand because it is the primary programming language for data science. Web developers are also needed more now than ever due to the rapid growth of mobile devices, especially tablets and smartphones.
If you're not an expert in one of these languages or want to brush up on your knowledge of a particular language this list is helpful. It's important to note that it's best to have some experience with at least two different programming languages before starting a job as a software developer.



Java developer demand is especially high among large enterprise organizations looking to integrate their existing applications with big data analytics tools like Hadoop or Spark. A recent study by Indeed showed that Java developers have one of the highest average salaries among all professions: $94,000 per year.

Those looking for professional opportunities as a developer should consider taking coding BootCamps or attending technical universities where they can learn the latest developments in computer science before entering the workforce.


IOS developer demand in software development staff augmentation is the highest. They are sought after because of their proficiency in Swift and Objective C programming languages, as well as knowledge of Xcode, and iOS SDK.

Software developers specializing in web and mobile application development, especially those with experience using Java or Android SDKs, are also highly desired. JavaScript specialists who have had experience with NodeJS are valuable to any company looking to build a large-scale server-side application.


Android developer demand is high due to the large number of enterprises that have adopted the technology and need developers to build new apps or update existing ones. Java, Android SDK, and C++ are some of the most in-demand programming languages.

Android app development has seen a significant rise in demand over the past year with over 20% growth in hiring, while iOS saw only 5%. Mobile application developers are also in hot demand, as they're needed to keep up with increased mobile app usage and changing trends like augmented reality.

As such, it's become one of the most lucrative professions out there with average salaries of $135,000 per year. So, if you want to create an application you must hire dedicated developers from a reliable IT staffing company.

What You Must Know?

It is crucial to not underestimate the importance of Soft Skills in hiring software development staff augmentation services. Without these, your team can't even start working on anything.

Communication plays a huge role for teams and especially if you're doing Agile software development, it takes everyone working together to produce success. A mature but also accountable developer is what your augmented staff must be like.

They need to be held responsible for their actions at all times and that's how they prove themselves to be mature. It goes along with being qualified enough to work on your project.

The perfect candidate should have expertise in all the skills and talents needed to accomplish your work. But! Finding such a person isn't easy at all! Only an IT staff augmentation services provider will know the best fit who has everything you need onto your budget.