How Virtual DOM Benefits ReactJS Development
How Virtual DOM Benefits ReactJS Development
ReactJS is a library that developers use to make the front-end of applications. One such important component of ReactJS is React Virtual DOM.

ReactJS is one such library that developers widely use to make amazing front-ends of applications. One such important component of ReactJS is React Virtual DOM. As an app owner, it is important for you to understand what it is and how it benefits ReactJS. Even when you hire ReactJS developers, make sure that they have knowledge of the virtual DOM.

In this article, we will discuss Virtual DOM and its importance.

What is DOM?

DOM (Document Object Model) is a structured representation of the HTML components seen on a webpage or online application. DOM defines the complete UI of the program. A tree data structure represents the DOM. A node represents each UI element in the web content. 

It is highly valuable because it allows web developers to edit material using JavaScript. It’s also very useful since it is in a structured manner. That allows developers to choose certain targets and make the entire code much easier to deal with.

Problem With DOM

When the state of the application changes, the DOM updates to reflect that change in the user interface. Though doing things like this isn’t an issue and works perfectly, there is one hitch. Each web element has its own style and properties. Also, the DOM is represented as a tree. If there is a DOM with a huge number of nodes, updating the tree is not a time-consuming activity. In fact, there are many tree-related algorithms.

The problem here is that the ReactJS development company developers have to render the element and its dependents again to update the UI of the page. Every time they modify a component, they also have to update the DOM. Therefore, UI components also get re-rendered.

How does Virtual DOM Help?

Virtual DOM is a lightweight duplicate of the actual DOM. This is what ReactJS uses. Every object that exists in the actual DOM has an object in React Virtual DOM. It’s identical, except it doesn’t have the ability to edit the document’s layout directly. DOM manipulation is sluggish, but manipulation of the Virtual DOM is quick. This is because no graphics get rendered on the screen. Therefore, if the state of the application changes, the React virtual DOM gets updated first, rather than the real DOM.

What is Virtual DOM and How It Helps ReactJS Development

Benefits of Virtual DOM

1. CPU-Intensive

To make DOM operations visible to developers, the React Virtual DOM adds a layer of scripting to the browser’s optimizations. The integration of an extra layer of abstraction makes React more CPU-intensive than any other method of updating the DOM.

2. Optimum Memory Usage

Since Virtual DOM does not store observables in memory, it makes better use of memory than other systems. Every change in the data model might cause the virtual user interface to completely refresh. This is in stark contrast to other libraries’ methods. They update documents as needed based on their current state. Opt for custom reactjs development services so that you can make the most of virtual DOM for your project.

3. High Speed

The developers construct a virtual DOM and display it as a tree whenever they introduce something new to the app. This tree has nodes for each element in the application. As a result, every change in the state of any element produces a new Virtual DOM tree. The changes between the new Virtual DOM tree and the old Virtual DOM tree are then highlighted. After that, it seeks out the most efficient means of implementing these modifications in the real DOM. It then renders only the newly changed items on the page.

To update the real DOM, React employs a technique known as batch updates. That means that it doesn’t deliver a single update for a single change in the state of a component. In fact, it delivers updates to the real DOM in batches. This increases the speed of ReactJS apps in Nodejs development.

In Conclusion

You must have understood after reading this article how important Virtual DOM is for making robust applications. More important is to understand how it works. If you decide to use ReactJS development services, the developers should be able to make full use of Virtual DOM.

Our ReactJS development company has years of experience in making apps using ReactJS. Our developers are well acquainted with the library and understand its every small aspect. If you want to use ReactJS for your project, feel free to contact us at any time.

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