How Can Education Mobile App Design Aid Spaced Learning?
How Can Education Mobile App Design Aid Spaced Learning?
With an ever-decreasing memory span of learners in the digital age, educational app developers have a hard time making worthwhile courses. Spaced learning is quickly turning heads around with its ability to offer practical courses with frequent memory recalls. Let's learn how education mobile app design can help implement the concepts of spaced learning.

How Can Education Mobile App Design Aid Spaced Learning?

To make the learning experience more hands-on, educational app developers have introduced many measures to develop these apps. This leads us to a crucial question.

How Can Education Mobile App Design Aid Spaced Learning?

How can we provide value-added learning to the users of educational apps?

What will set your eLearning app apart from the competitors?

As every educational app development company tried to find an answer to these questions, some experts found the science behind learning. Space learning entered the education arena.

Let's first understand what spaced learning is.

What is Spaced Learning?

The world came to know spaced learning in 1885. Hermann Ebbinghaus brought it. Spaced learning focuses on the concept that learning is a gradual process and should be divided over a period of time.

It is best not to overburden the learners' minds with excessive information at a single point in time.

With the advent of e-learning, online learners need to understand, grasp and retain the learned concepts for a more extended time. Developers applied the concepts of spaced learning to the latest education mobile app design. It helped the learners hold the information in their long-term memory and enhance the benefits of e-learning courses with time.

Why is Spaced Learning becoming part of educational apps?

With information flowing from various sources, the chances of a learner forgetting the information learned are quite high.

People tend to forget 50% of the information learned within the first few hours. The remaining 70% quickly passes through our minds within the next 24 hours.

With a higher proportion of learners' forgetting what they learned a few hours ago, retention has become a primary concern for educational app development solutions.

Spaced learning can evenly spread out information with frequent refreshes to the learned concepts. In this way, the temporary knowledge gets transferred to the permanent memory.

How Can Education Mobile App Design Use Spaced Learning For better Memory Retention?

To avoid memory lapses for learners', educational app developers have started using spaced learning as part of their course designs. We can improve the online learning experiences and add more value to the courses by engaging the learners in the following manner.

1. Strengthen Basic Concepts With Real-World Examples

When a piece of information is practical and has meaning and context, the human brain can absorb the information more easily. If the educational app development services can ensure that the learning is revised at proper intervals and applied practically in situations, learners can remember it better.

Here comes the importance of real-world scenarios and examples. One should build the online courses upon the idea to help put the theory into actual practice.

eLearning simulations can make learning more interactive and wholesome. These simulations should be accessible even after the learning ends so that the learners can go back and refresh their memory.

2. Use Different Methods For Same Concepts

When the course material is diverse and education mobile app design can turn complicated concepts into a series of engaging study material, it's always better.

Diversity can help with two primary things. Online learners can explore the subjects in many different ways for better retention in memory. For instance, an online tutorial will help with real-life experiences, and simulations will enable mock training for the learners.

3. Decide on Ideal Time Intervals

Spaced eLearning usually covers three eLearning sessions with 2 minute long breaks. This break can cover learning objectives before returning to the initial topic.

This is the best approach for developing an understanding of complex topics. Spaced learning offers easy applicability to any educational app development company for developing meaningful app content.

4. Include Summaries and Checklists

Spaced learning runs on the basic concept of using easily memorizable lists. These lists and summaries have the most important point or data which need to be recalled by the learner.

These points are unique to a particular topic, learning objective, or task to avoid confusion.

Education mobile app development can create invaluable courses by using checklists for the memory refreshes of online learners. Summaries can also team up with visualizations for more impact.

5. Develop Bite-Sized Repositories

Microlearning and online training repositories walk together in designing value-added education courses. Online learners can access libraries as and when they forget a specific concept or topic to brush up on their memory.

Spaced learning also considers the learner's schedule and offers a flexible online learning environment for better results. Education app development must provide diverse multimedia options and learning activities for different learning experiences.

6. Hosting Live Events

Better interactivity and personalized support are the key considerations for making online learning more effective. Educational app developers must consider the impact of live events to ensure better engagement when large groups of learners are involved.

The course providers can use webinars to discuss the learning concerns of online classes. It helps bring all the learners to the same page and makes the learning experience more fulfilling for everyone.

Closing Words-

Many researchers and education experts support spaced learning for an education mobile app design and development. However, it isn't easy to put this theory into action at every level.

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Even if the spaced learning elements aren't easily measurable, our experts can help create effective educational app development solutions. Try our services and feel the difference.

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