cloud warehouse management system | cloud warehouse management software | Online wms software
cloud warehouse management system | cloud warehouse management software | Online wms software
warehouse management system: Handel your warehouse performance with Win ERP Cloud Warehouse Management System software. Win ERP WMS Software provides Scalable, Affordable, and User-Friendly end-to-end cloud-based warehouse management software. Improve your warehouse efficiency by streamlining day-to-day activities and maximizing productivity with WIN ERP Warehouse Management Software.


WIN ERP Warehouse Management Software is used to track physical inventory, plan inventory replenishment, perform picking strategies and control shop floor stock. WIN Cloud ERP Warehouse management allows you to manage multi-level warehouse configurations with zone and bins and appropriate access controls. It enables ease of use by allocating default zones and bins in transactions, and account codes based on rules. This ensures usability without compromising on the quality of information.

Cloud ERP Warehouse Management solutions help you in executing warehouse operations in a smooth manner by ensuring activities like stock status conversion, stock transfers, creation of opening balances, stock inquiries at BU, determining stocking point, warehouse levels, inquiry of attribute for item information and safety stocks.


Features of WIN ERP Warehouse Management Software:

 Warehouse Setup
    • Warehouse represents the physical location of your stock and is the third level of organization below client and organization. A warehouse can be a building, but can also be a delivery truck. To define the exact location of stock, warehouses are divided into storage bins. To begin managing warehouse stock, you need to complete the following steps:
      • Define the warehouses
      • Define storage bins
      • Assign stock to storage bins.
 Warehouse Shipment
    • In this tab all the items that are available for selling to customer or returned to vendors or transferred to particular location those records will be displayed on this screen. Once record comes here and verified by assigned person, then click on post and record wills automatically move to posted warehouse shipment screen.
 Warehouse Receipts
    • In this screen whatever items we have purchased from vendor or returned from customer or transferred from other location those records will be displayed. Once record comes here and verified by assigned person then click on post and records will move to posted warehouse receipt screen.
 Inbound Management
    • Sales returns, purchase receipts and transfers, carry name of item, their quantity, unit of measurement, serial no, lot no, manufacturing and expiration dates and all other related information related to the inventory can be properly documented in the system. It can manage information on load arrival and technology associated to decoding the bar codes. Tracking of trucks and information on goods put-away to their destinations can also be mapped.
 Outbound Management
    • Outbound management process is related to downloading the order, its release, picking, packing and shipping. Transfer of shipments. Sales shipments, purchase shipments and combined shipments are tracked and monitored. Quality Check is also a critical component of Out-bound management. Sales order confirmation indicates the customer that he is ready to purchase products.
 Advantages of WIN ERP Warehouse Management Software:
  • Efficiently manage your storage with warehouse operational transparency and accuracy.
  • Identify exactly what is in a warehouse and balance the inventories of multiple storage facilities.
  • Increase productivity with quicker turnarounds, and higher return on investment.
  • Save costs and update information in real time across the entire company,
  • Eliminate errors and rework on your operational costs.
  • Customize policies for sales and transfer orders to and from warehouses, allocate batch/lot numbers for better warehouse management.
  • Enhance customer service by reducing redundancies and errors.