A guide to crafting a grade Social Media
A guide to crafting a grade Social Media
The prevalence of this digital connectivity led people to exchange information, socialize, etc. virtually. Today social media can manipulate our minds and thinking process.

The best product of the digital age is social media, which influences the entire human society perfectly. From this 21st century, society has been introduced to the new technological era where people of society interact with one another within a second even though they are not present physically. People from different echelons come on a single platform where they can share their opinion and can talk with one another. According to experts assignment creating companies, these platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. are examples of Social media. The prevalence of this digital connectivity led people to exchange information, socialize, etc. virtually. Today social media can manipulate our minds and thinking process.  

Communication is the essence of life. It is not the distance that keeps us apart but the absence of communication kills a relationship. It can be rightly termed as the soul of all relationships. With the advent of the internet communicating with one another become easy via social media. In a very short span of time, social media has connected people closely and effectively and has transformed our world into a social media village. Social media has also transformed the police and security departments. It has helped security forces solve many cases. Criminals can't now hide anywhere in the world and police can apprehend them easily. Other information pertaining to security threats and agitation can be averted and solved through social media.

Because of social media, people of every stratum can get the news about the world and keep themselves updated with their day-to-day lifestyles. During this Covid-19 pandemic, social media has played a crucial role. Students who went abroad for their studies and could not come to their respective homeland duty under severe lockdown, only social media was there via which they can see their parents and vice-versa. Throughout the lockdown students had attended their classes via social media such as Google meet, Zoom classes, Facebook live, etc. The student who has a mere screen touch mobile phone was also not debarred from such classes. Many social programs had occurred through social media.

Small scale businesses like selling garments, equipment, groceries, etc. become easy because of social media where sellers can advertise freely, the buyer can choose their choices and know about the products, and can chat with the seller online. So, social media make every possible way for leading a successful business. Through social media, people can avail themselves of the knowledge of something new, though there very many possibilities of fake information.

Social media like any other invention of science is not free from its misuse and abuses. It has many serious drawbacks. The foremost problem of social media is the social media itself as it is highly addictive. This web creates an imaginative world in the mind of the youths who can go crazy about anything and everything. Mainly teenagers draw and risk their life by going on blind dates without knowing that person who has come from the virtual world into his or her real world. With hordes of advantages of social media, many things spin out of control too, Cybercrimes are no exception. Defamation is one of the consequences of mishandling social media and many times it happens because of cybercrime, It takes a whole life to earn respect but misuse or a dirty mind and an internet connection can wipe it away in a second. Child pornography and trafficking find their way much more easily through social media and the internet. 

Children are tempted towards online malicious chat rooms and fall prey to organized pernicious groups.  Online transactions in social media may sometimes result in a fraudulent transaction where one may lose his whole bank balance in a second and may fall into heavy debt instantly. Social media stalking or cyberstalking is another big problem, though seems nothing more than some sort of annoying behavior, which many times lead to serious crimes. Cyberstalking is continually peeping into the profile of a person of one's interest, flooding him or her with messages, calls, and sending malicious objects like pictures, videos, and threats thereby causing great concern to his or her safety and life.

Above all, social media creates a barrier where people are not interacting face to face in their daily life. Because of social media addiction, children are not communicating with their parents and other family members. Children as well as adults are now easily anxious and feel irritated on trifle matters only because of using heavy social media. Various documents published that using continuous social media badly impacts one's concentration level as well as on their eyes and brain. Students who are heavily addicted to social media and gaming are serious concerns about medication.

To avoid heavy use of social media and to get rid of the bad consequences of the social media effect one should do regular exercise, meditation, cycling, and reading books. People should use their mobile phones or any other devices in a routine manner so that they can keep themselves away from those bad effects. Social media has its own pros and cons. Its advantages are so many that we cannot turn a blind eye to them but its disadvantages are deeply serious. There is no general book on the do's and don'ts when we use social media. Hence self-imposed restrictions and censorship are sagacious and advisable.