7 Methods to Buy Likes on Facebook
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7 Methods to Buy Likes on Facebook

Facebook Likes is an indicator used to measure the quality of search engine content. So, the more likes you have, the better and the more likely it is that your content will appear higher in the SERPs.


People can like content on your own blog or website (if you have the appropriate plugin/app installed) or like your own Facebook fan page. You'll need your own Facebook fan page to enable most of these, and I'll provide a link to a post on how to do that at the end of this article.


But how do we buy facebook likes? Let's not only create great content that will encourage people to like your content, but also 7 Effective Ways to Get Likes on Facebook.


Promote Your Facebook Page - Cheers! This is obviously pointless, but make sure people know you have a Facebook fan page for your business or website by promoting it where you advertise others. Put your Facebook page address on your business card, link to it on every page of your website, mention it personally when you get the chance, include it in your email signature every time you send an E-Send email, etc. Market article? Why not stop linking to your website and post it to your Facebook fan page?


MAKE YOUR FRIENDS LIKE YOU - I hope you already have friends on Facebook, why not make them work for you? Send posts asking everyone to view and like your page. If you have lots of friends and they are nice people, you will quickly get lots of likes. This can help you, especially if you are just starting a new page, as the initial explosion of fans on your page serves as social proof, getting your strangers to review your page to like them, and also after they see, that other people have it. did it before.


Use Facebook Ads - Using Facebook's own advertising network is a great way to get people to browse your Facebook page. I'm not comparing this to buying likes because I think it's a more legitimate way to get targeted likes and likes.


Join Relevant Groups - Joining and participating in groups relevant to your niche is a great way to reveal information about your Page and get people to visit and possibly like it.


Twiends - Twiends is a free service designed primarily to gain followers on Twitter, but it can also be used to get more Facebook likes for your Page and views for your YouTube videos for free, so give it a try.

Stimulated Likes – Not sure if stimulated is a word, but you can provide incentives if you get people to like your content.


You can also place content like videos in a fan-only section of your page so people can only access videos as fans and encourage them to remain fans. Add new content to your fan area regularly and you'll almost feel like a purely exclusive community of members.


Commenting on Blogs with Comments Enabled on Facebook - You probably last read and saw "blog comments" and wondered, really Paul? Comments on the blog? Commenting on blogs isn't very interesting or useful for getting likes on Facebook until you start commenting on your blog by enabling comments on Facebook. This means that everyone who participated in the discussion in the comments section is currently on Facebook.


Follow the same tactics you normally use when commenting on a blog and people will see your insightful comments on the blog and just like they will see your website, they will check your Facebook fan page. The conversion rate for this and getting likes should be higher than a typical blogging scenario because you're not trying to sell anything on a landing page just trying to get free likes and also people are much more eager to get them to visit their Facebook page as someone's blog.


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