The safety boot innovations paving the path for tradespeople in 2022
The safety boot innovations paving the path for tradespeople in 2022
Trades are changing, and work boots are falling in step with the pace of innovation.

Today’s tradespeople need work boots that work in building sites to boardrooms.

The safety boot innovations paving the path for tradespeople in 2022

steel blue work boots in the workplace

Trades are changing, and work boots are falling in step with the pace of innovation.

Today’s tradespeople need work boots that work in building sites to boardrooms.

As new health risks emerge, safety shoes – being an essential component of PPE – should add a layer of protection for frontline workers. And of course, we can’t forget fashion.

These are the 5 work boot innovations setting the pace in 2022.

1.     Pathogen-resistant leather

Recently, we have seen the devastating effect of contagions, illustrating the importance of protecting frontline personnel.

Steel Blue Enforcer and Leader non-safety boots are made with pathogen-resistant leather treated with HealthGuard™ protection. Inside, a moisture-wicking Flat Lunar lining provides all-day comfort for active endeavours.

Who it’s for

Enforcer and Leader are pathogen resistant work boots from the Steel Blue Emergency Services range. The special HealthGuard™ coating is antibacterial and antifungal, and prevents spore growth.

Other lightweight work boots designed for Police, Paramedics and Security Guards come with safety features like heat-resistant Nitrile Outsoles, industrial-grade fastenings and airport-friendly composite toe caps.

2.     Enhanced chemical resistance

Modern safety shoe manufacturers have access to some pretty advanced materials:

  • Kevlar fibre that’s five times stronger than steel
  • Nitrile, a heat and chemical-resistant organic compound
  • TECtuff® chemical-resistant leather

Steel Blue chemical-resistant work boots employ these innovations to provide secondary protection against mild chemicals in line with international safety standards.

Who it’s for

Steel Blue chemical-resistant work boots are ideal for use in Oil and Gas, Chemical Engineering, plant work, and anywhere mild chemicals pose a health risk.

As well as using TECtuff® leather and Kevlar stitching, our chemical-resistant Warragul and Jarrah boots feature heat-resistant Nitrile Outsoles and our standard slip and oil-resistant tread.

vegan leather work boots steel blue

3.     Conscious leather alternatives

People from all walks of life are trying to reduce their reliance on animal products.

We’re listening.

Steel Blue has always sourced sustainable leather from Leather Working Group suppliers.

Now we’ve stepped ahead of the safety shoe industry, offering vegan-friendly alternatives made with a high-performance microfibre material.

Who it’s for

Steel Blue Argyle® men’s and Southern Cross® women’s work boots are the great all-rounder.

Since introducing our vegan-friendly variants, we have seen high demand from tradespeople across the industry spectrum.

They are still the same comfortable, lightweight, durable boots with steel toe caps and TPU Outsoles, independently certified to AS 2210.3 performance standards – just vegan-friendly!

4.     Side zip, pull-on and Spin-FX fastening systems

Fastening choices for safety boots have moved far beyond lace-up and pull-on.

The classics are joined by hybrid lace-and-zip fastenings and Steel Blue’s revolutionary SpinFX™, a fast and secure fastening innovation in work boot technology.

Who it’s for

Pull-on work boots are back in fashion (not that they ever really left).

That’s great news for modern tradespeople who work between offices and job sites or have client meetings throughout the day.

remington matters steel blue black boots

5.     Antibacterial and antifungal treatment

Rounding out our list of work boot innovations is an invisible – but essential – bioscience application.

Thanks to an exclusive agreement with Fresche Bioscience®, all Steel Blue boots are now treated with an antibacterial and antifungal lining.

Who it’s for

We are already applying the Fresche Quatlock™ treatment to our entire work boot range .

The environmentally responsible solution guards against odours, fungi, mould and bacteria.

Lightweight work boots for today’s trades

Whether you’re a Paramedic, Plumber, Mining Engineer or Maintenance worker, the skills you bring to your trade demand quality equipment.

Steel Blue work boots feature layers of innovation so you can excel every day and stay comfortable on the job.

Explore the full range of work boots or visit a Steel Blue stockist to find your fit.