The best SEO tools
The best SEO tools
Carrying out a correct keyword research or keyword research is essential for any SEO positioning project.

1. SEO tools for keywords

Carrying out a correct keyword research or keyword research is essential for any SEO positioning project. It is a task that must be done before structuring the website. It is necessary to search for the terms or keywords with which users search for your products or services and check the volume of searches they have, in order to select the most interesting keyword for each URL or section of your website that you want to position. These SEO tools will help you do keyword research opened with Bulk Url Opener with one click in same window:

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

It is the main tool for keyword research and belongs to Google . All other keyword research tools on the market use the data provided by Google Keyword Planner . Enter a keyword or group of keywords into the tool, and Google will offer you all kinds of useful statistics to guide you in your keyword strategy: monthly search volume, search trend, as well as other terms and words related to the main keyword. , this last option is very useful to take into account other terms that were not initially considered.

Google Trends

Tool that will allow you to discover search trends in a certain zone or geographical area, being able to make comparisons over time. You can also  compare the popularity over time of certain keywords against others.

Tool that is capable of providing more than 700 keyword ideas based on a single main keyword . Enter a keyword into your search engine and Keyword Tools will return an extensive list of long tails related to the keyword, sorted alphabetically .


SECockpit is not only capable of suggesting keywords related to a main keyword, it is also capable of showing us the level of SEO competition that word has, as well as the CPC in Google Adwords . It also offers the possibility of suggesting ideas for keywords from Google's “ related searches ” function .

Use Übersuggest to quickly find new keywords that aren't available in Google Keyword Planner . You can get keyword suggestions for almost any language and type of search engine ( web, images, shopping, Youtube, news ...).

2 SEO tools for WPO

One of the factors that is becoming more relevant (and especially for Google) is the loading speed of the website . It is considered that a website loads fast if it does so in less than 2 seconds , if you get your website to be below that value, your SEO positioning will probably benefit . Therefore, it is very important to know what aspects or resources of your website are slowing down the loading speed of the page, for this there are tools that are capable of analyzing and checking the loading time of each resource that is requested ( css, images, javascript...). In addition, another important factor to analyze is the TTFB (Time to first byte) The TTFB measureshow long it takes your web server to send the first byte of a web page to the browser making an http request, this should always be less than 0.2 seconds. These tools will help you optimize the loading time of your website :


It is a tool developed by that allows you to know the loading time of your web page, weight, number of requests and endless data that provide you with almost absolute knowledge of how optimized a website is as a result . The free version offers monitoring of up to 3 URLs, and the PRO version allows you to subscribe to different plans, ranging from 15 to 150 dollars per month.


It is a website whose objective is to offer anyone who needs it analytics on loading speed, weight and number of requests , and although its design is not as careful as that of other companies that have invested a large budget in marketing, its main advantage with respect to the rest lies in the fact that it is free . yes free And not only that, but it also offers a free registration forum where you can post any questions, needs, suggestions or, in short, whatever comes to mind, and the members of the community will very kindly advise you on your matter.


It is probably the best known and most used WPO tool throughout the world. The features it offers range from 24/365 monitoring of your website from 60 different locations around the world to conversion reports, including the ability to receive alerts when anything doesn't work as it should. Its price is between 10 dollars with the Starter plan, and 150 dollars with the Professional Plan.

Google PageSpeed Insights

It is the WPO tool that Google offers for free for all SEOs who want to know the performance of their website, and what they should do to improve it. Its analyzes are basically focused on loading speed and user experience , and the truth is that the suggestions it offers to improve your score are usually, in most cases, very useful. A good option to start optimizing your web pages without investing a penny in WPO tools.

Chrome Developer Tools

The so-called "Google Kit for developers" is a set of Google Chrome tools that allows any Webmaster to access a good amount of information related to the optimization of their website according to the parameters that Google establishes for the positioning of web pages . Without a doubt, the perfect complement to audit the code of any website if you have programming knowledge in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.