6 inventive design concepts for your studio apartment >>>
6 inventive design concepts for your studio apartment >>>
6 inventive design concepts for your studio apartment >>>

6 inventive design concepts for your studio apartment >>>

The studio apartment is a modern invention, like fast food, streaming and plant parents. It is also a ubiquitous reality; we have all lived in a studio apartment or a similar living space where every inch matters.

It can be challenging to design a studio apartment; after all a single room, often less than 500 square feet, has to function as a living room, dining space, kitchen, bedroom and home office. However, the limited square footage of a studio apartment should not stop you from creating a skilfully-crafted space.


1. Divide the Space Without Blocking Light

Would you like your studio apartment design to function as a 1BHK apartment with a private sleeping area? If yes, then the first step is to create a smart division between the sleeping area and the other areas of the home. Instead of going for a permanent divider consider a glass partition which physically separates the space but does not block the light. You can also go for curtains or folding screens to create a cosy sleep zone.

Tip: Get creative with the flooring or use rugs to add warmth and create a visual demarcation between these two zones.


2. Make Your Furniture Do Double Duty

Design your studio apartment with compact pieces of furniture which do not take up too much physical space. For example, consider a Murphy bed which can be folded against the wall when not in use or go for a compact sofa-cum-bed which functions as a sofa in the morning and a bed at night. Other clever pieces of furniture include folding desks for the home office, nesting tables and ottomans with storage.


3. Keep the Surfaces Clean, Store Away the Clutter

Invest in a storage bed and go for closed cabinets and wardrobes so that the space looks clutter-free and all the items are out of view. The different types of storage beds include beds with box storage, hydraulic beds with a hydraulic lifting and closing mechanism, storage beds with drawers or you can even go for a storage headboard with built-in shelves and niches. Too many objects on display can make the space look crowded, so edit down the pieces you want to display.


4. Use Reflective Surfaces to Give an Impression of Space

Use clever tricks to give your studio design idea a spacious look. How? Paint the walls in neutral colours or light pastels to create a bright and airy space. Use sheer curtains for the windows so that natural light filters throughout the day. Also, introduce mirrors to visually double the space. It is advisable to install a mirror on the wall opposite to the window so that it reflects natural light and brightens the space.


Tip: Go for reflective surfaces like acrylic, high gloss laminates and lacquered glass for the cabinetry and mirror finish vitrified tiles or gloss finish tiles for the flooring. The lustrous surfaces of these finishes look luxurious and effortlessly reduce the visual weight of the space.


5. Let an Accent Wall Do the Talking

Transform one wall of the studio apartment decorating into a statement-making design feature. Decorate it with wallpaper, large-sized wall art or accessorise it so that it forms the focal point. If you love dark colours do not be afraid to highlight the accent wall with a dark colour of your choice. Move a step further and introduce wall textures and woven fabrics for the upholstery to add depth into the overall décor of the studio apartment.


6. Do Away with the Dark Corners, Layer Your Lights

Create a well-illuminated space and eliminate dark corners in the studio room design by introducing light fixtures at different levels of the home. Make sure to install adequate ceiling lights, a decorative pendant light, wall-mounted bracket lights near the bed for reading, a floor lamp and under-cabinet lights in the kitchen for creating a well illuminated cooktop.

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