Planetary position for different aspects of married life
Planetary position for different aspects of married life
The planets in the birth chart indicate marriage timings through transit and the dasha system. A learned astrologer may predict the timing of your marriage by looking at your birth chart.

An astrologer can predict everything about your love and married life through the planets in your birth chart! What type of partner will you have? How blissful your married life will be? Will there be problems or delays in your married life? Whether you will marry at all (yes, there are denials also)? Your compatibility with your partner etc., can easily be known through your birth chart.


When will I get married?


If you wish to know the timing or year of your marriage, ask an astrologer. The planets in the birth chart indicate marriage timings through transit and the dasha system. A learned astrologer may predict the timing of your marriage by looking at your birth chart. It is more important to know what type of marriage you will have rather than the timing of the marriage. The placement of Venus in transit and the dasha system helps a male to get married, while for females, we check the position of Mars. Jupiter, as the primary karaka of marriage, works for both genders. The supportive dasha of the seventh house, its lord, or associated planet helps a person to get married.    



Which planet is strong for marriage?

Mainly Jupiter and Venus are the planets responsible for the marriage of a person. But any planet associated with the 7th house can also make a person get married. Though considered malefic, Rahu gives marriage to many persons in its dasha or antardasha. So, an astrologer has to check the responsible planet for a person's marriage.



Which planet is responsible for marriage problems?

The house of marriage is the 7th house, and the house of loss of a marriage is the twelfth from it i.e. the sixth house. The sixth house is a house of legal proceedings and fights as well. The sixth house also shows enemies. Now, if the sixth lord relates with the 7th house or 7th lord, the person usually gets an argumentative or sick partner. The position is not suitable for marital bliss in a person's life. Similarly, the association of the 7th house or lord with the 8th or 12th house shows problems in the marriage life of a person. Here, the placement of the lords of the mentioned houses will also matter. If the planet is in its own friendly or exaltation sign, the person may have a happy married life based on other circumstances.



What planetary positions indicate divorce?

For a position of divorce, there should be a strong influence of trik lords on the 7th house. The 7th lord or the trik lords should be placed in each other's houses for a divorce. However, the mere placement of the 7th lord in the trik houses doesn't show the possibility of divorce. There has to be a strong affliction of the 7th lord for a divorce to happen in a person's life. If the karaka of the marriage, i.e., Jupiter and Venus, are also in fall, the person may not enjoy the bliss of marriage.


The dasha period of the 6th house generally creates misunderstandings between the life partners. And already a weak position of the 7th lord in the horoscope may lead to divorce or separation in marriage. Other yogas work in coordination with each other to create the conditions of divorce in a person's life.



Which planet is responsible for love marriage?

Whether a person will have a love or an arranged marriage is the biggest question of that person's life. Not everyone has a love marriage, and certain combinations in the birth chart indicate a love marriage for a person. The fifth house in the birth chart is the house of love relationships. At the same time, the 7th house is the house of marriage. Whenever there is an association between the 5th and the 7th house or their lords, there are the chances of love marriage for a person. 


Venus is the planet of love and romance. If Venus forms any relationship with the 5th house, the person has flirting tendencies, and he gets attracted to the other gender easily. Similarly, Mars, the planet of bodily passion, also gives physical attraction toward the other gender. If other planets also support, the person may find a love partner with the help of Venus and Mars. There has to be an association of the 5th and 7th house or their lords for a person to have a love marriage.

Not just the various combinations for marriage, the horoscope also indicates denial or delay in marriage, if any. The presence of different planets in the 7th house decide at what age a person will get married and whether there is a delay or denial in a marriage. One should visit an astrologer before making the important decision of marriage to handle possible adversities with an aware mind.