Role and Responsibility of Billing Engineers in Construction Industry
Role and Responsibility of Billing Engineers in Construction Industry
Who is Billing Engineer?

Role and Responsibility of Billing Engineers in Construction Industry

Before knowing about the role and responsibility of billing engineer in the construction industry, you have to read about who is billing engineers and how they work.

Who is Billing Engineer?

Billing engineers play an important role in keeping records of all the bills from starting to the end of any construction project. Duties like bills preparation for payments and performing the estimation of quantities along with an order of materials are done by billing engineers. A billing Engineer is very important at every stage for site execution.

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Qualification Required:-

The qualification for the billing engineer requires B.E./B.Tech in Civil Engineering. Important things Billing Engineer must know are estimation and cost, Bar Bending Schedule, Rate analysis, Labor and machinery analysis which helps to bill engineer to carry out billing works at different stages of construction with proper efficiency and accuracy.

What role do they play During the Construction?

  • Keeping the record of the cash flow generation from start to end on the contrition site.
  • It is the billing engineer’s responsibility to make sure that all the Bills from the construction site are done correctly and records are kept on a printed form.
  • Responsible for working with a team of PMC Billing /Site Engineers on a parallel day-to-day basis for bill verification on-site /from drawings.
  • With an understanding of overall construction sequence and capable of coordinating and related activities taking care of various inter-disciplinary interfaces.
  • Coordinates with concerned Client/PMC/Architects/Contractors for all the needs & requirements about the billing for the project.
  • Prepare checklist with the requirements for quantity survey of finishing works and ensuring that allied processes are being followed. Checking of bills with the progress at the site
  • Have thorough knowledge of CPWD/IS 1200 codes and practices for the measurement of works, Analysis of rates, and quantification.


Types of Bills:-

  • Contractor and sub-contractor bill
  • R.A bills
  • Final bills
  • Petty contractor bill



  • Billing Engineer
  • Senior Billing Engineer
  • Planning Engineer
  • Estimation Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Tendering and Billing Engineer

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