How To Write A term Paper
How To Write A term Paper
An important element that the teacher pays attention to first of all when checking is the title page of the course work . Here is the most important data that should be perfectly formatted.



It is the title page that sets the general mood with which your term paper will be read and perceived . The overall impression and the final grade depend on it and Buy Essay usa.


GOST prescribes the standards for the title page of a term paper, but only in general terms, without going into details regarding font size, the number of indents between blocks of information and other trifles. They are set by the educational institutions and teachers themselves. If you have not been provided with teaching aids and have not explained the main postulates, rely on our advice.

We will first look at the main technical points, and then demonstrate a sample of how to design a title page of a term paper for your convenience.

Basic rules for the design of the title page

Perhaps the advice outlined in your manuals is different from ours, so be guided by them. However, our recommendations are universal, they are based on the proper GOST, so you should also listen to them, especially if for some reason you were not taught how to beautifully and competently prepare the title page for the coursework.

So, here are the basic rules for prescribing every smallest detail.

  • The most common font preferred by many educational institutions when designing a term paper is Times New Roman. Its size varies from 12th to 14th, since different lines need to be written in different sizes.

  • The title page heading ("MINISTRY OF EDUCATION"), the name of the university and the topics of the course work are typed in capital (uppercase) letters, and everything else - in lowercase.

  • The margins are very important as they shape the overall appearance of the title page. The left should be the largest indentation, because space is required for further stapling or stitching of the sheets. A 3 cm size would be ideal for this indentation. On the right, the indent from the edge should be 1 cm, and set 2 cm at the top and bottom.

  • Place all data blocks on the title page so that they all fit on one page. It is desirable that the title "Term Paper" be located approximately in the middle of the sheet, and there is still space between the year the term paper was created (this is the last line of the title page) and the bottom edge of the page.

Data on the title page of the course

The title page of the course work must include the following data:

  1. The name of the institution. Be sure to write down the full name, even if it consists of many words that do not fit on one line. You can place them nicely on two or even three lines by aligning them to the centre.

  2. The name of your department and your department.

  3. The name of the discipline for which you are writing your term paper. It is important that there should be a colon between these two elements, and the name of the discipline is written in quotation marks.

  4. The topic of the term paper, also in quotation marks.

  5. Your full name as an author.

  6. Your course number.

  7. Form of study (full-time or part-time).

  8. The number of the group in which you are studying.

  9. The title and full name of your supervisor who will be reviewing your coursework.

  10. The name of the settlement. If you study at a branch of a university that belongs to another city, you need to write exactly the city where your university is located, and not the city where you live.

  11. Year of writing the work.


Special numbering of course work

Do not forget that the page number should not appear on the title page , and the numbering will take it into account. To do the numbering with this trick, use our tips:

  1. Click on the "Insert" tab.

  2. Find the "Headers and Footers" area and click on "Page Number". Among the proposed design options and room placement, choose the appropriate one. On the first page, the number will first appear, but then, after several manipulations, it will disappear.

  3. If on the pages of your term paper the numbers are at the bottom of the page, then the next button will be "Footer". Otherwise, choose Header.

  4. A pop-up menu will appear, click on the "Change Header and Footer" line.

  5. On the right you will see a new tab called "Design", check the box next to the phrase "Special header and footer for the first page."

  6. To close the window and start editing the text, click Close Header and Footer Window. It is on the right and is indicated by a red cross.

  7. Enjoy the cleanliness of your title page, which doesn't have a page number!


The process of preparing the correct title page

Let's consider the algorithm for decorating the title page. Follow all the points below and you will get a very beautiful result as a result.

  1. At the top of the sheet in Times New Roman style, type the heading: "MINISTRY OF EDUCATION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION", and below, with a single space, the full name of your educational institution (also in capital letters). List your department and faculty even lower.

  2. Select the three lines you typed, add bold and centre align.

  3. Press "Enter" several times to lower the cursor just below, and indicate the type of work (in our case, this is a term paper). Select this heading, make it bold and centre align.

  4. After a single space, write the phrase: "By discipline", put a colon and indicate your subject for which you are writing a term paper. Remember that after the colon, the name of your subject must be in the nominative case. For example, you should write: "By discipline: Heavy industry", and not "By discipline: Heavy industry."

  5. After a single space, write: "on the topic" and put a colon.

  6. On a new line, write the subject of your term paper in quotation marks. The fifth and sixth paragraph lines must be centred and writing.

  7. The following data should be written in the right half of the sheet. This can be achieved by long pressing the spaces in front of the line to send it to the right, or you can first create an invisible table with two columns and type the text in the right column. The second method is preferable because it is easier to adjust the location of the data here. So, on the right side of the sheet, write your full name after the word "Done" and the colon. Indicate in which course and in which group you are studying before the name.

  8. Below, two lines later, again on the right side of the sheet, write the full name of your curator after the word "Teacher". Do not forget to include all his titles and positions, for example, PhD in Psychology or Associate Professor.

  9.  The penultimate line is the city where your university is located.

  10. The very last line is the year your term paper was created.

  11. Select these two lines and align them to the centre.