8 Things You Must Know While Looking For The Best Wedding Photographer In Allahabad
8 Things You Must Know While Looking For The Best Wedding Photographer In Allahabad
PickYouPic Film & Photography are the professional wedding photographers based in Allahabad. With an industry experience of 12 years, they have attained proficiency in capturing the perfect moments. They believe that bonds are beautiful and it is more beautiful to capture them in real life settings. Bonds are more celebrated at weddings. To capture this celebration in the autocracy of beauty is the aim of PickYouPic Film & Photography.

Marriage date is fixed, the venue is decided and preparations are going on in full swing. Now all you need is a person who would capture the memories of your "big day" that you could cherish forever. But choosing the one and the best wedding photographer in Allahabad from the thousand others is a tricky task for all would-be brides and grooms.


Are you going through this dilemma too? Worry not! Here we have listed 8 things that you must consider while looking for wedding photographers in Prayagraj:


1. Does the wedding photographer's style align with yours?


Everyone looks at the world with unique eyes. In the case of wedding photographers, the camera is the eye and your wedding is the view. So you both must share the same perspective on how it should be captured.


The photographer should mirror your thoughts and create shots that portray a varied range of emotions you would go through on this day. Check the social media page and website of the best wedding photographers in Allahabad to know more about their style.


You can also ask for a portfolio directly to make the decision-making process easier.


2. Is the wedding photographer capable of taking the lead?


Your wedding will be attended by people having all sorts of personalities. Some might be willing to cooperate with wedding photographers whereas others may not care so much. Adding to that is the fact that not everyone is photogenic.


So it is ultimately the job of the wedding photographer to guide people in front of the lens and click breathtaking shots. This won't be possible if the person you hire is too afraid to take the charge. Hence try to understand the personality of the photographer before making the final decision.


See if he/she could pull up their socks when needed and manage the wedding chaos smartly. Afterall wedding photography isn't just about camera handling. Your photographer must know how to handle people too.


3. How much experience does the wedding photographer have?


Experience matters, particularly when you are handing over the responsibility of capturing one of the most important days of your life! This is not the time to give "friend of a friend who just got a camera" a chance.


But that doesn't mean you should be looking for the best wedding photographer who has been doing this for years. You just have to find someone who knows the craft and has a credible portfolio to showcase his/her work.


4. What packages does the wedding photographer offer?


Now since you have gone through the portfolio, personality and expertise to sort out a few wedding photographers in Allahabad, the next step should be to look at the packages offered by them. Most wedding photographers categorise their services based on the shooting style and price them accordingly.


Furthermore, you must be having some budget constraints for hiring a photographer. So go through the services offered by them and see which one checks all the boxes ie. delivers quality pictures within your budget. If you are paying for the service, you deserve the best of it.


PickYouPic, rated as one of the best wedding photographers in Prayagraj, offers flexible services that fit everyone's needs. Their packages start from 35,000 INR with the option of extra add-ons.