Benefits of Becoming a Drone Pilot and How to Be One
Benefits of Becoming a Drone Pilot and How to Be One
If you want to know how do I become a drone pilot, let us first get deeper into the licensing thing.

Most people are aware that drones may be used to capture amazing video, but few are really licensed to do so. Some may not even be aware that a licence exists, much less that commercial drone use requires a licence.


There are no prerequisites for certification under Part 107, but you must have a lot of knowledge and experience to be able to fly legally. If you want to know how do I become a drone pilot, let us first get deeper into the licensing thing. 

What is a licence?

For commercial use of drones, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) decided in 2016 to clear up what had previously been a murky subject. You must pass the "Unmanned Aircraft General - Small (UAG) Exam" before flying under the 107 regulations, which they came up with. Additionally, commercial or profit-making use of drones was subject to new rules.


In 2022, owning a drone will be one of the most exciting new technologies available. There is no doubt that you will be wowed by the stunning aerial views that a drone can capture. As a matter of course, it isn't only for fun. Drones are increasingly being used by search and rescue teams throughout the globe because they are able to cover a larger area in less time. Drones are being used by several delivery services to deliver packages. 


Amazing footage can be found from a variety of photographers and videographers that use the air as a shooting platform. Beautiful bird's eye views are a big draw for the hospitality industry. Drones are popular for all of these reasons and many more.

Do I need a drone operator's licence to fly?


To determine whether the Part 107 regulation applies to you, the first step is to determine if you are qualified to fly under that rule. The FAA's official website has a handy User Identification Tool. In addition to the Official FAA Study Guide, you may find a plethora of study aids on Google, YouTube, and elsewhere.


We strongly advise that you thoroughly prepare for the exam before taking it, since it will involve an understanding of weather patterns, aviation terminologies, NOTAM Charts, and more. Once you get the licence, it can take you miles because the industry has a wide scope. You won’t even imagine how much real estate drone photographers make. 


Let us take a look at the benefits of getting into this profession

The Community of Professionals

The worldwide drone community is one of the biggest benefits of getting into this profession.. When you become engaged with drones, you're joining a huge community of people that share your interests and are driven by the same enthusiasm. Lifelong friendships and business partners are just some of the things you'll make.

You'll Be Able to Go Wherever You Want

In the United States, many of us spend the majority of our days at work between the hours of 9 and 5. It's a safe bet that we'll be doing something inside after we're done with work. In fact, according to the EPA, the typical American spends 93% of their time inside! However, flying drones allows us to spend long hours outdoors, allowing us to get some fresh air and sun exposure. 

The ability for Positive Change

Drones are increasingly proving to be invaluable tools throughout the globe for a seemingly unlimited number of uses, whether it's finding a missing person, delivering medication to the world's most distant regions, or assessing local infrastructure. Becoming an FAA-certified drone pilot can help you bring these changes and you can be a part of a good deed. 


You can become a certified drone pilot by attempting the Part 107 exam. Become certified before you step into the industry.