Jump Starter Essentials How To Safely Jump-Start Your Vehicle and Select the Right Jump Starter
Jump Starter Essentials How To Safely Jump-Start Your Vehicle and Select the Right Jump Starter
In a perfect world, you could jump into your car and have it start every time. Unfortunately, there will be times when a dead battery stops you from going where you want.

The quickest way to address a dead battery is by jump-starting your car. Learn more about how to jump-start a car safely, why it matters, and how using a car jump starter makes it easy. 

Choosing the Right Jump Starter for Your Needs

There are two main approaches to jumping a dead battery: using another car or a jump starter. While it is undoubtedly less expensive to call a friend and ask her to pull a car close to get a jump, it can also be a less reliable method. After all, you will need to wait until someone else gets to wherever you are before you can start your car. For that reason, many people choose to purchase a portable jump box. 

If you are shopping for a jump box, you want to find one that has sufficient power for your vehicle. Some trucks require significantly more power than cars with smaller engines. Check the specs on your battery and compare them to the jump boxes you are considering. 

Another factor to consider is whether you need extra features. Some units, such as the Duralast dl-800 manual, have accessory plugs so you can use them as a portable power supply to keep devices charged. This makes the unit much more functional than a simple jump box. 

The Importance of Safe Jump-Starting

Jumping a car safely poses some risks, and should always be done carefully. The biggest risk comes from connecting the clamps in the wrong order, which can generate sparks. Those may ignite vapors from the damaged engine compartment. You should always check a battery before attempting to jump it. If you see any cracks or leaks, stop and invest in a new battery. 

Steps To Jump-Start Your Car

Once you are ready to jump the car, simply follow these steps:

1.       Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal on your car's dead battery. 

2.       Connect the black clamp to a bolt or non-painted metal surface in your engine. 

3.       Set the jump box on a stable surface outside of your car and wait a few minutes. 

4.       Try to start your car. If it won't start, wait a few more minutes and then try again. 

5.       Remove the black clamp from the ground bolt.

6.       Remove the red clamp from the no-longer-dead battery in your car.

7.       Drive the car for at least 20 minutes without turning it off to give the alternator a chance to recharge the battery. 

Jump starters are safe and convenient tools for those times when you find your car with a dead battery. Plus, once you know how to use a jump box to start a car, you no longer have to rely on friends or the help of a stranger in this situation. Visit an online auto parts store to find the right one for your vehicle.