Checkpoints to prepare your car for roadworthy certificate
Checkpoints to prepare your car for roadworthy certificate
It is crucial to understand on which criteria a mobile roadworthy certificate is given. Read this article to avoid retesting and save money and time.

It is crucial to understand on which criteria a mobile roadworthy certificate is given.

Read this article to avoid retesting and save money and time.

Roadworthiness test aims to reduce the harmful impact of vehicles on the environment and improve road safety. You must clear 133 checkpoints to get a mobile roadworthy certificate and to ensure that your car passes the test, you must consult a mobile roadworthy mackay. The checkpoints are further divided into 610 faults. Four hundred seventy results in a retest. It is necessary to learn from others' mistakes to avoid retesting. 

Here are a few common mistakes you must avoid:


-A fault in the tyre, brake and chassis

-Your vehicle is creating excessive pollution

-A lighting or indicator fault.

The pre-roadworthiness certificate is highly recommended to save money, and mobile roadworthy mackay offers the best pre-roadworthiness test, ensuring that your car is ready for the roadworthiness test. You can check a few things yourself, and you don't need to have particular mechanical knowledge. For example, you can check that the car's body is in perfect condition. The windscreen is not cracked, and the door and bonnet open and closes properly.

Here are a few crucial points to check before submission of your vehicle for roadworthiness :

1) Brake and braking systems

Applying brakes at the right time can prevent significant accidents, so it is necessary to ensure they are in proper working condition.

All components should be located correctly and function properly.

There should not be any visible wear, distortion or leaks in brake components.

Emergency brakes should work perfectly. Park brakes must be capable of keeping the vehicle stationary even on the hills. 

2) Chassis and Vehicle body

Structural failure can affect the safety of a vehicle adversely. Any condition that hampers the safety operation must be avoided. A car must have a few things to get a mobile roadworthy certificate like mudflaps, bumper bars, Tow bars, properly functioning doors, boots, Ute lids, bonnets and hatches.

3) Vehicle identification

Your licence plate must comply with current regulations, so check front and rear licence plates before submitting a vehicle.

The licence plate must be appropriately attached to the vehicle's body and tally with the information mentioned in your vehicle registration certificate.

4) Tyres or road adherence

The qualified assessors inspect the actual condition of the tyre. Even tread pattern across the tire footprint is the foremost condition to pass the tire test, so look for any similarities.

Before the inspection, you must look for cracks or chips across the wall of tyres. If you find any, you must replace your tyre before the inspection.

5) Windscreen

Any damage to the windscreen that impairs a driver's vision will mean a windscreen replacement.

Before your car's inspection, clean the windshield and check for any chips or cracks.It is necessary to check whether the wiper blades are cleaning the windscreen not or adequately and whether the washer fluid is topped up and effectively gushing onto your windscreen.

If any crack is more prominent than 30 cm, you might fail the test.

6) Headlights

The brightness of the light is one of the crucial parameters to pass the roadworthy assessment.

Check all your lights to ensure that your lighting system is in proper conditionCheck front sidelights, beam headlights, brake lights, turn indicator lights and side reflectors.

If your light looks a little dull, then with the help of a good scrub, you can ensure maximum shine and brightness of the lights.

Finally, remember to check the exhaust system to check your vehicle's pollution level. Check engine oil, brake fluid, and power steering before the inspection.


To get a mobile roadworthy certificate without failure, consultation with the mobile roadworthy mackay is a great help. This article will help you to understand all the necessary checkpoints of vehicle inspection.

Make sure to tick all the checkpoints before submitting your vehicle for a roadworthiness certificate. 


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