Where To Get The Best Dubai Desert Safari Tour Package?
Where To Get The Best Dubai Desert Safari Tour Package?
Get the best deals on Dubai desert safari tour packages. experience the adventure in the desert of Dubai Zoom up and over dunes, ride a camel, take sunset shots, and stop at a lively Bedouin-style camp to try your hand at anything from henna painting to Arabian costume photography.

How to Get the Best Dubai Desert Safari Tour Package?


On this desert excursion from Dubai, you may get the entire Bedouin experience without having to prepare or manage anything. Zoom up and over dunes, ride a camel, take sunset shots, and stop at a lively Bedouin-style camp to try your hand at anything from henna painting to Arabian costume photography. Your experience includes a barbeque supper and lives concerts under the stars, as well as convenient return hotel transfers.

Types of Desert Safari Tour in Dubai

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai

Witnessing an alluring and picturesque Sunrise is a great way to start your day, isn't it? In Dubai, the Sunrise is different from other ones. Explore new horizons through our adventurous tour packages which include thrilling road trips to the sandy desert of Dubai, capturing your wonderful moments on camera, and properly experiencing the sunrise desert safari in Dubai.

Even if you're in Dubai for a short period, we promise you the best experience through our travel plan. You'll get picked up in a Luxury Land Cruiser with Free wifi. Also, you can enjoy bashing dunes by sandboarding from high dunes to the way down. Observe the beautiful sunrise and the desert views at dawn with Arabic tea and other cool beverages provided for your refreshment. Contact us for more details about the exciting trips.

This trip includes the following features

·         Pick from your location in Toyota Suv 4x4 Land Cruiser

·         Adventurous drive to reaching the high dune for photography

·         Witness the Beautiful Sunrise & capture your precious tour moments

·         Enjoy Sand Boarding sport by sliding down from high dunes

·         20 Minutes Dune Bashing at Red Dunes Desert

·         Cold Drink, Water Bottle, Soft Juices are served for your Refreshment

·         Enjoy 20 minutes thrilling drive from the desert to reaching the road

·         Drive back to Dubai & drop off at your location


Morning Desert Safari Dubai:

The cool Dubai morning desert safari provides the ideal environment for a variety of desert activities. A typical morning desert safari starts with the famed dune bashing in whichever vehicle you choose. The professional driver over the shifting sand mounds gives you an Adrenalin rush. After this adventurous trip, you can partake in other activities such as sandboarding, quad biking, dune buggy driving, and a hot air balloon flight, among others. The golden glow of the sand and plenty of sunlight provide a fantastic opportunity to photograph the desert's splendor.

The stunning morning desert safari camp then hosts a variety of exciting activities. Sandboarding is a lot of fun since it allows you to use a board to slide down sand mounds. Under the supervision of our tour guide, you can ride a dune buggy. The hot air balloon flight is one of the most exciting morning activities.

Features of the fascinating trip are

·         Pick up from your location by our Toyota 4x4 Land Cruiser for Safari escapade

·         A 10minutes stopover for Arabic tea, breakfast, or coffee

·         A thrilling drive to reach the desert high dune for snapshots

·         Witnessing the mesmerizing Sunrise and the blend of colors

·         Sandboarding sport for sliding down the high dunes

·         30 - 45 minutes of bashing dunes while driving at the Al Lahbab desert

·         Exciting drive to the desert campsite after dune bashing

·         Thrilling Quad bike riding in the open desert for 20 minutes

·         A beverage break for Water, Soft drinks, etc

·         Photography for seizing your precious moments

·         Returning to Dubai and drop off at your location

Camel Ride Dubai

The spirit of Arabian history is embodied by the Camel Ride Desert. To provide you with a deeper understanding of the desert. We have arranged for a camel ride in the Dubai desert to allow us to explore the wide desert and take in the culture.

Camel ride safari in Dubai is a world-famous sport that takes place in Dubai's brown-barren desert. The cliché goes that Dubai has something for everyone, and this is true in every way. From the gleaming skyline to the clean beaches, from dinner cruises in the Dubai marina to luxury hotels and resorts, from soul-stirring rides at numerous amusement parks to ultra-modern architectural wonders such as the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, and Burj Al Arab, there is something for everyone. However, man-made concrete marvels can always be exchanged for something authentic and natural, such as Dubai's desert.

Camel safari is a must-do experience in Dubai that is liked and admired by all visitors. It is the most primitive and ancient mode of transportation and travel. You may always contact the hotel or campsite where you are staying in Dubai for a hassle-free deal; most hotels and other providers arrange for morning or evening Camel Safaris. In the Dubai Desert Conservation, there are camel rides where you can learn about dromedary camels and desert wildlife, and if you're lucky, you might sight the Arabian Oryx and other notable desert animals.

Initially Inclusions

·         Pick up from your location by Toyota Suv 4x4 air-conditioned land cruiser

·         DTCM (Dubai Tourism Government) Licensed Desert Guide

·         15 minutes of the thrilling drive towards high dunes for snapshots

·         Observing the amazing Desert Sunrise & capturing precious moments

·         Non-stop dune bashing drive for 30-40 Minutes at Red Dune Desert

·         Enjoy sandboarding sport by sliding down the high dunes

·         Providence of Soft Drinks, Juices, and Water Bottles

·         20 Minutes of adventurous Camel Ride in the open desert

·         Amazing, fun drive from the desert to reach the road and drop back at your location

Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safari Dubai Everyone visiting the UAE should do so. This is one safari you can't do back home, and it'll be a great memory to share with your family and friends. It is highly recommended and will be well worth your money!

This tour begins in the afternoon and takes you across Dubai's desert with various photo stops. You arrive at the first destination for a stunning sunset after a thrilling dune drive. We take a break to view the sunset before returning to our tent via dune bashing. You may ride a camel, go sandboarding, and get a henna tattoo on your hands or feet here.

Foreign travel does not have to be as costly as it appears. Yes, it is correct! Our fantastic trip package offers everyone a memorable adventure in the seductive beauty of Dubai on a budget that is both affordable and practical. Along with evening desert safari Din Dubai, You could also enjoy, Dune bashing, sandboarding, Hatta-mountain-tour-Dubai, and camel rides are all components of an expensive package that may be enjoyed at a low price if cool refreshments and Arabic tea are provided.

Features of the fascinating trip are:

             Pick up from your location

             Adventurous drive towards the desert high dune for a photo stop

             20 - 25 minutes of bashing dunes at Al Lahbab desert (Red Dunes)

             Stop for refreshments and enjoy sandboarding at the high dunes

             Afterwards, a gentle drive to the Desert Camp

             Traditional welcome at camp with tea/drinks

             Witnessing the mesmerizing Sunset and the play of colors

             Arabic sweets, fresh fruits, dates are provided

             Photography for seizing the memories of mesmerizing Sunset

             Camel riding

             Henna painting


             'Hubbly Bubbly'

             Local Arabic Dress Photography

             Thrilling Quad bike riding in the open desert for 20 minutes

             Beverages like Soft Drinks (Coke, Sprite), Water, and Tea are provided

             Enjoying Live BBQ, Buffet Dinner containing both Pure Veg & Non-Veg dishes

             Full Light and Sound on stage and around the Camp

             Live Fire Show

             Dance performance of Two Tanura Egyptian Artists and Colorful Lighting Show

             Two Live Belly Dance Shows on Arabic Music

             Return to Dubai & drop off at your location