Learn these things for android app development
Learn these things for android app development
In android app development, Version control systems document your changes to the codebase and let you consider precise versions later...

There are more than one ways to develop programs for the android; you could cross down the route of hybrid software improvement in which flutter, react native, or Native Script are the most commonplace contenders. Flutter makes use of Dart, while React Native and Native Script rely upon JavaScript. Answering the question of hybrid vs native is out of the scope of this roadmap. This roadmap is centered on the local Android apps development but in case you are inquisitive about learning any hybrid framework, my non public desire is react native and I could recommend you to checkout the Frontend Developer Roadmap.

Complete Roadmap

Here is the entire version of the roadmap in a single photograph and after that we have the broken down model with the resources and links to study more about every of the boxes.

Broken Down Version

Below is the broken down version of the roadmap with links and resources to learn greater approximately each of the gadgets listed in the complete roadmap above.

Pick a Language

For the languages, you could expand android apps either by using the use of Kotlin or Java.

Although, you can use each Kotlin and Java to develop local android apps, Google introduced in 2019 to make Kotlin the favored way of developing android applications. If you were to begin studying android development nowadays, Kotlin must be your language of preference.

The Fundamentals

Install the Android Studio and study the fundamentals of Kotlin to get started.

We have additionally indexed down some loose resources which you may use for the items indexed within the photo above. If you have some higher ones, please do propose. Also, you don't want to go through they all, just undergo them and select what you like.

                 Learn the fundamentals of Kotlin

                 Kotlin Docs and Official Kotlin Tutorials

                 Data Structures and Algorithms. Also take a look at this.

                 Kotlin DataStructures

                 Algorithms and DataStructures in Kotlin


                 Getting commenced with Gradle Note: Android Studio comes with a running set up of Gradle, so you don’t need to put in Gradle one at a time if so.

Version Control Systems

In android app development, Version control systems document your changes to the codebase and let you consider precise versions later. There are a couple of Version Control Systems available however Git is the maximum common one these days.

                 Here are some of the sources to get you commenced. Feel unfastened to google and find something else that you find less difficult.

                 Udacity Version Control with Git

                 GitHub Hello World

Building an Application

Here is the list of gadgets that you are going to want when growing Android applications. Please observe that, that is an exhaustive list, and also you don't want to are aware of it all from the get-pass. Get an concept of the items indexed, and simply begin constructing some apps and keep the items listed within the back of your thoughts and feature a deep dive whilst the usage of them.

Jetpack Compose

Jetpack Compose is Android’s current toolkit for constructing native UI. It simplifies and speeds up UI development on Android. Quickly deliver your app to lifestyles with much less code, powerful gear, and intuitive Kotlin APIs.

                 Jetpack Compose

                 Material Design 3

                 Getting commenced with Material Components

Free Resources

I would fairly endorse looking this unfastened course from google on mobile app development services with Kotlin. You may also get started with this unfastened direction at the android developer's page, standards are taught with the help of code labs, tasks and quizzes and you also earn badges as you study that seem in your google developer profile. Also, right here are a number of the sources to study extra approximately the subjects indexed above.

                 Developing Android Apps with Kotlin

                 Android Basics in Kotlin

                 Android Developer Guides