Data science Course - Mentokart
Data science Course - Mentokart
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Institute for Data Science Course- MentorKart


The demand for data storage has increased as the world has moved into the big data era. Up until 2010, it was the primary problem and challenge facing the business industries. The main objectives were the development of a framework and data storage options. Now that the storage issue has been successfully resolved by Hadoop and other frameworks, the focus has shifted to data processing. The key component in this recipe is data science. Thanks to data science courses, all of the ideas you see in Hollywood science fiction movies might actually come to pass. The future of artificial intelligence lies in data science. Understanding data science and how it can help your business is therefore crucial.


Data Science Course: Definition

In the most basic terms, what is data science? It is a study that deals with the analysis of massive amounts of data using cutting-edge tools and methods to uncover patterns, critical details, and insights that aid in smart decision making. As a result, predictive causal analytics, prescriptive analytics (predictive and decision science), as well as machine learning are commonly used in Data Science to make decisions and predictions.


Major universities and certification organisations are now offering Data Science courses. Data Science can be studied independently or as part of a larger programme like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, or Big Data.


Predictive Causal Analytics

Predictive causal analytics is required if you want a model that can predict the likelihood of a specific event in the future. If you lend money to someone on credit, you may be concerned about their ability to make future credit payments on time. Here, you can build a model that can predict whether or not future payments will be made on time based on the customer's payment history.


Prescriptive Analytics

If you would like a model with the intelligence to make its own choices and the ability to change it with dynamic parameters, prescriptive analytics are required. Giving advice is the focus of this relatively new profession. In other words, it not only predicts but also recommends a set of predetermined actions and outcomes.

The best example is Google's self-driving car, which I previously discussed. Data from vehicles can be used to train self-driving cars. You can run algorithms on this data to give it intelligence. This enables your vehicle to make decisions like when to turn, which path to take, and whether to slow down or accelerate.


Machine Learning for Predictions

Machine learning algorithms are your best bet if you have financial company transactional data and want to build a model to predict future trends. This is classified as supervised learning. When you train your machines with existing data, this is referred to as "supervised" machine learning. Training a fraud detection model using previous data on fraudulent purchases is one example of this.


Machine Learning for Pattern Discovery

If you don't have any parameters to work with, you must look for hidden patterns in the data to make meaningful predictions. This is an unsupervised model because there are no predefined labels for grouping. The most common pattern discovery algorithm is clustering.

Assume you work for a telephone company and have to build a network by strategically placing towers across a region. Then, using the clustering technique, you can locate tower locations that will provide optimal signal strength to all users.

What do data scientists do? Who are they, exactly?

There are several definitions available for data scientists. A data scientist is a practitioner of the discipline. A Data Scientist brings a significant amount of information from scientific fields and areas, whether statistics or mathematics, which is why the term "Data Scientist" was created to describe them.


Data scientists are people who solve complex data problems by applying their knowledge of particular scientific disciplines. They work with various computer science, statistical, and mathematical concepts (though they may not be an expert in all these fields). They heavily rely on cutting-edge technology to solve issues and come to important decisions that are essential to the expansion and development of an organisation.


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