All About Google Analytics 4 for Digital Marketing
All About Google Analytics 4 for Digital Marketing
Google Analytics 4 is a more refined face of analytics tool wherein one can measure all happenings on an application and a website through evens and conversion. This tool is extremely advantageous for digital marketing of various organizations and eCommerce, like AI backed event reports, editing and more control over end-user data.

All About Google Analytics 4 for Digital Marketing

Also known as App + Web previously, Google Analytics 4 is its new name.

This tool is discovered to bring a revolutionary change in the digital marketing, offering way smarter way to get insights and increase ROI from both-an app and a website.   

Let’s get started to know how it supports digital marketing.

How to Set Up

Data stream is a bunch of extracted information from different resources, including users’ browser behavior.  

Here is how you can build your data stream using this tool.

It begins with setting up for data stream. The Universal Analytics is there to upgrade property from the Admin panel.

There is another way, which requires you to set up a new site on both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4. This action will collect data from both platforms, building a connection between the two properties. Even, you can transmit configuration settings from Universal Analytics property to Google Analytics 4 property.

If your website is already integrated with analytics tool, you can still add Google Analytics 4 property to it. This action won’t bring any difference to your Universal Analytics property and you can seamlessly collect information via the property selector or Admin screen.

Upon this setup, move to data stream. If you have both-app and website, you can add both data streams to the report. By default, Analytics 4 tools ensures tracking of these-

·         Scrolls

·         Page views

·         Site search

·         Outbound clicks

·         File downloads

·         Video engagement

This monitoring setup will offer an understandable G property format and code for your website.

Measure Updates in Real-Time

As the installation is done, you can easily catch up to the real-time reports and confirm the data flow. With this tool, you can track real time reports of all individuals separately and even, integrate them into one.

Simply put, you can see what has happened on your website in the last half hour in the real-time using the user map. In addition, there are two vital changes are done for improving monitoring. These are:

·         Events: With this feature, you can track all user activities and page views as events.

·         Conversions: This feature ensures examining end goal achieved to what extent. At a time, you can monitor 30 conversions with this tool.

The “events” feature proves incredible to keep track of all happenings, especially for eCommerce marketing of websites.  Even, you can customise and edit events in Analytics interface. This is how you find minimal challenges in tracking events with the Google Tag Manager.

Make Changes in Activities

Google Analytics 4 shows an overview of standard events. To get deep with and make changes, you can explore buttons on the top of the screen and edit the existing event.

There is a smart slider given on the menu bar, making it easier to transform events into tracked conversion. So, if you see specific clicks with the potential of conversion, you can make changes accordingly.

Here is how you can do so:

·         Click on the Create an Event button.

·         Enter an event name & mark suitable conditions for it.

·         Click on the real-time menu to see how it works.

Enhanced Features

This is to test how far this tool goes in terms of improvement. The smart SEO companies and digital marketers should practice and figure out how to maximize value using it.

These tips can help you to transform the way you use analytics:

·         Draft a “plan of action” to get the learning from analysis.

·         Prepare a list of the most visited reports in the Universal Analytics, as it would help you get more insights out of Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

·         Migrate reports to GA4


Advantages of GA 4

·         Get AI-Based Insights

Since AI apps are all around, this feature in GA4 would bring a great advantage to analysts. Even, you can get assistance from its predictive capabilities. The SEO & digital marketing experts can easily automate notifications about trends, products in demand and peak purchasing hours.

·         Measure customer journey

You see all reports in an optimized manner, which lets you assess all about customers. This is how you can prepare more improved strategies for customer engagement and remarketing.

·         Integrate with Google Ads

As aforementioned, you can use it to evaluate happenings on your application and the website. This is how you get insights about preferences and customer behavior, such as the most interested and least interested shown in what products/services. The strategists can plan Google ads accordingly, which attracts more ROI.   

·         More Control of Data

This platform offers a comprehensive review that helps marketers to comply with all advertising and data regulations like GDPR and many more ones.

This tool empowers marketers to seek the consent of the end-user for using their data. There is a separate consent option for ads and analytics for this.

As far as optimizing is concerned, this tool offers deletion capabilities to remove the set of data that users have requested for.  There is an enhanced feature that ensures verification and removal to be previewed.