AI Techpark Interview with Dave Mariani, CTO at AtScale
AI Techpark Interview with Dave Mariani, CTO at AtScale
Dave Mariani, CTO at AtScale

Dave Mariani, CTO at AtScale talks about the ways data analytics can finds its place in business cycles and enhance the overall data science and BI workflows

1. Tell us about your role in AtScale?

I am currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for AtScale. Prior to that, I served as AtScale’s CEO for its first five years of operations. A few years ago, realizing that AtScale was a bigger opportunity than I had ever imagined, I sought after an industry leader who could take AtScale to the next level so I could focus on the product and delivering excellence to our customers. I had the pleasure to meet Chris Lynch in 2018 and he agreed to join the board and company as CEO.

2. Can you tell us about your journey into this market?

As a technology leader at large enterprises like Acxiom and Yahoo!, I struggled with existing tools to make analytics work on big, volatile data. I founded AtScale with a few other ex-Yahoos to build what we couldn’t buy. To this day, we at AtScale can honestly say that we’ve walked in the shoes of our customers.

3. How do you think technology has upgraded the tech revolution on the whole?

It has been all about the data. At Yahoo!, our business was built on data. We served our end users with online content while serving them relevant ads to pay for the infrastructure. We were unique in 2010. Not anymore. Every business distinguishes itself using data whether it’s in finance, retail, CPG or virtually any other industry. It’s the cloud and the cloud data platforms that changed everything. Now, every business can capture all customer data, store, and analyze it in a cost effective way. This is a game changer.

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