Preggo Fetish - A Quick Overview
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Preggo Fetish - A Quick Overview

Preggophilia (or also preggo for short) is the sexual attraction to small breeds of dogs. This is according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV-TR, which states that this condition is characterized by a lack of parental affection or support which results in over-retention of puppies during the period of their life between the age of one year and twenty-two years. The diagnosis is made by observing a history of at least six consecutive months of consistent behavior that manifests with at least one incident of sexualized behavior where the animal has acted sexually in response to a person, food, or other stimuli. Unlike other fetishes, this does not necessarily require an explicit sexual intention on the part of the owner. The diagnosis may be based on observed similarities in the behavior of the puppy or adult dog to adult human sexual desire, multiple documented cases where the behavior takes place during the early stages of development, or the presence of a medical condition that impairs the ability to experience sexual stimuli.

Even though this is my personal opinion, I would like to point out that my definition of preggo does NOT include pedophilia. Pedophilia is a sexual preference that is considered to have developed within the context of pedophilic relationships in which the victims are prepubescent children who are acted upon by adults. As such, any correlation between Preggophilia  and pedophilia would only reflect a connection between the behavior and pedophilia, and not necessarily preggo. The word preggo is also related to a German term preligula which means lap dance. The origin of the term is not clear, although it most likely comes from a combination of two words, "precious" and "legitimate."

Pedophiles often develop intense feelings of sexual pleasure and urge toward children during their pubescence. This may be manifested through exhibitionist behaviors, masturbation, preference for specific types of clothing, or even pedophilic fantasies. However, there are some pretty's who only develop this interest and need no reinforcement from others to maintain it.

For example, some people who exhibit erotic preferences for small children do not go through sexual arousal until they actually meet the children. Although they may appear to be child-obsessed, these people are actually pedophiles by nature. Children are able to form a close bond with someone who has an erotic interest in them. Once the attraction is established, the relationship becomes sexual. It is at this point that the erotic impulse takes over and the preggie considers having intercourse.

Pedophiles are often attracted to young boys. However, there are some preggies who only have an interest in small girls. This is not uncommon and does not prevent them from going on to have sexual relations with adults. In fact, many veggie's take advantage of unsuspecting young men. When such a man goes into a relationship with a woman, he can then easily convince her that the relationship is only between them and he will never have sex with anyone else.

One important thing to remember is that not all prepegos are pedophiles. There are also people who engage in this fetish out of boredom or loneliness. When this is the case, the person may actually have no desire to have intercourse with a member of the opposite sex. It is possible for a pretty to have sex with an adult and not have an attraction to children. With this being said, the term preggy fetish is considered to be a clinical term that describes sexual attraction to prepubescent children and should not be used when describing prepubescent behavior.