Find The Best Places To Cycle In Delhi
Find The Best Places To Cycle In Delhi
Cycling is a good exercise.The cycling community in Delhi is expanding steadily. You just need to find the best places to cycle in Delhi. Though Delhi is highly populated cosmopolitan there are some splendid areas where you can cycle happily.

The cycling community in Delhi is an exciting and dynamic sorority. The group is expanding at a healthy rate and the members of the group are not only enthusiastic but also very welcoming and friendly. If you step out early in the morning you can see several smiling and pleasant cyclists either cycling on their own or in small clusters in different expanses of the city. Apart from being eco-friendly the option of exercising, the pleasantries, and greetings exchanged between the fellow cyclists and morning walkers is a great way to begin the day. Now, having said that, Delhi being a highly populated and busy metropolitan city, you must find the right cycling spots in Delhi! The options for which is far from few!

The top 5 best places to cycle in Delhi

Delhi is indeed a densely populated and a super busy city. Amidst all these findings suitable cycling places in Delhi are a real challenge, or so what most people think. This is however incorrect. Delhi is a city that comes with several great cycling spots. Let us take a look at them:

1.      DhaulaKuan to 11 Murti on Sardar Patel Marg – The stretch from Dhaula Kuan to GyarahMurti you will come across a gentle downhill which makes the stretch all the more comfortable for a nice stretch of cycling. You can gain a favorable speed and can control it well at the same time. The stretch is outlined with a forest ridge offering a nice cool breeze. It is ideal for a great start for a great day ahead.

2.      Rashtrapati Bhawan to India gate – This is a very popular cycling stretch in the city. The stretch is also known as Rajpath flanked by the Rashtrapati Bhawan and the India Gate on either side. Broad and magnificent, it is one of the most popular cycling spots in Delhi and can fill you with a sense of pride.

3.      NajafgarhWetlands – This is a stretch that lies on the outskirts of the city. It connects Haryana and Dwarka. Since the trail runs along the Najafgarh drain, it has been christened accordingly. This stretch is laced with lush greenery on both the ides and has sparse traffic. The scenic beauty of the place, coupled with the crisp early morning breeze, flight of migratory birds makes it a sheer joy for the cyclists.

4.      Gurgaon–FaridabadRoad – Arguably this is one of the best places to cycle in Delhi. Being a rather popular sport of cycling you can meet several fellow cyclists and become a part of the community. This stretch has many up-hills and down-hill sections offering you different terrains for a better workout.

5.      SanjayVan in Qutub Institutional Area – Situated in the heartland of the city, this forest area is nothing short of being ethereal in terms of its natural beauty. The forest gravel track is used by the cyclists. You can also take a view of the forest from the water towers or the Machans.

The above-mentioned stretches are but a few of the best cycling places in Delhi. There are several other stretches likeAsola Bhardwaj Lake, Aravali Trails, NH 8-from domestic terminal, and the stretch from Dwarka to Sultanpur ride. So, fix your spot and start cycling today.