What Features Should A Jewelry Software Have?
What Features Should A Jewelry Software Have?
Whether you are an individual jeweler, wholesaler, or chain shop, your jewelry software should assist you in managing all aspects of your business, such as inventory, customer connections, vendors, point of sale, invoicing, marketing, and bar-code / RFID.

What Features Should A Jewelry Software Have?


There are numerous options for Jewelry Software, each with appealing evaluations and discounts. However, what you require may be quite different from what is evident and what you are given. As a result, not just any software can operate your business for you because it may be unable to fulfill specific needs or leave out key areas.

As a result, the topic of what features to look for in jewelry software emerges.

Specifications for jewelry

When we look at jewelry, we notice that each piece is made in its unique way. When customers buy jewelry, they need to know exactly what they're getting and whether it's the type of jewelry they requested.

Knowing how to distinguish each sort of jewelry makes everything easier for the business, so a program must be able to label all types of jewelry for convenience. For example, which ones are made of a 24-carat diamond cut, the style, the store, the brand, the warranty, and so on?

Inventory management with serialization

When it comes to jewelry software, this is a critical element. The jewels are valuable, and the owners cannot afford to make mistakes, thus they must track every element and component of the jewels. For instance, if you have a finished ring or earring but can't find the proper diamond for it, it can wreak havoc on your business and waste a lot of time. As a result, you can easily trace each piece using jewellery software and determine which diamond is part of which ring.

Management of inventory

Because storing jewelry is a costly business, thorough inventory management should be incorporated into the capabilities of the program you are choosing. You cannot retain such pricey goods in large quantities, nor can you have a stock deficit when clients visit your store. As a result, jewelry business software can assist you in resolving issues like these. It keeps track of your inventory level and alerts you when it exceeds the warning level, allowing you to resupply your warehouse. It also allows you to observe which products are selling faster and which are stagnant.

Service of repair

Customers can book repair services automatically with the help of this function. The repair service feature can be coupled with the POS module so that the sale and repair are handled at the same time. This allows you to quickly identify which customers have come in for repair and send them an email or text message to pick up their product.

Intelligence for the Jewellery industry

Jewelry business intelligence tools are required in software designed for the jewelry industry. Not just any modules that any jewellery software includes, but the tools that are essential to managing a jewelry firm. The system is necessary in the departments of a jewelry business, as well as a system that can manage the items and customers that are required in the case of a jewelry business.

As a result, your software can give a positive customer experience and service.

“Jewels” Jewelry Software

Jewels is a unique jewelry software for small to large jewelry houses to manage Production, Inventory & Accounts. Its simplicity makes it easy to use for both skilled and traditional users. A highly Secured Quality program featuring flexibility in business. JewelsInfosystems Is India's Best-Selling Jewellery Software, You Can Also Automate Product Pricing With The Help Of Jewelry Management Software. By Using Jewelry Manufacturing Software. We Can Also Minimize Human Errors While Mistakes Might Be Inconvenient, They Can Also Have A Significant Impact On A Company's Profits. That's why you’ll need a Dependable Jewelry Management Software.

Salient Features:

  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Sketch database by designer
    Approval of sketches by authorized persons
    Sample Quotations
  • SKU & JEWELRY CATALOG: Advance catalogues with diamond & stone details
    With/without pricing
  • QUOTATION & ORDERS: Diversified Client Wise Costing System & Quotation Catalogues
    Adjust the components and attributes on the fly and recalculate the prices
    automatically based on those properties
    (i.e. changing a diamond on a solitaire ring will automatically recalculate the diamond
    price based on the latest price)
  • PRODUCTION PLANNING & MANUFACTURING: Job Sheet Generation with Process Definition | Job Sheet Printings
    Requirement Alerts to Inventory Departments
    Production Capacity Worker & Department Wise & Job Queues
    User Defined Advanced Manufacturing Processes and issue-returns
  • MATERIAL REQUIREMENT PLANNING (MRP): Auto Alerts for Inventory Shortage for new orders
    Inventory Requirement Ageing Date Wise
    Matching of Requirement with Available Stock
  • SALES AND APPROVALS: Auto Pick Fixed Price from Quotation/Order OR recalculation of prices 
    Invoice Generation with more 30 different formats
    Sales Analysis
  • REPORTS: Daily | Monthly | Date Wise Registers 
    MIS Reports 
    Reconciliation & Audit Reports
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Attachments at each level 
    Customizable Reports 
    Multiple images & videos 
    User Defined Fields 
    Drill down Reports 
    Export/Import to/from excel 
    Multi Location | Multi Currency | Multi User 
    Dashboard & Alerts 
    User Task Management 
    Barcode Compatible RFID Compatible
  • CONNECTIVITY: Mobile Apps 
    E-Commerce Websites
    RFID & Barcode.