Service ticket management
Service ticket management
Right from installation to scheduling routine periodic maintenance and attending to breakdowns, Saleswah CRM software for field service management helps you with Service ticket management. Ensuring you provide service which is predictable, dependable and timely.
Trigger installation tickets from shipment advise, schedule routine maintenance tickets based on rules you define, create and attend to breakdown tickets as needed.
Maintain history of equipment and sites and flag outlying behaviour.

Service ticket management

Scheduling preventive maintenance of equipment in regular intervals is required to ensure the trouble-free operation of equipment. This is especially applicable to mechanical equipment- even more so to those with an engine inside.

Moving parts means wear and tear. So, periodically one may need to replace worn-out parts, replace consumables, and so on. We all take our car to the garage for servicing at least once a year- and are familiar with the replacement of lube oil, air filters, fuel filter, and so on.

Of course, there is some equipment which needs maintenance even without there being a moving part in them. A lead-acid battery needs frequent topping up, sometimes once every 3 months.

There are 2 types of scheduling preventive maintenance of equipment- largely governed by the type of equipment.