What criteria to choose your garage door?
What criteria to choose your garage door?
A garage door is not a simple panel to choose quickly. First of all, it is an investment over time, which will require a choice that could please you over the years to come.

Between different possible insulations, the choice of colors and aesthetics, decorations, portholes, a gate... The choices available to you are wide and we will see here some criteria to choose so that you can make the choice. Good choice.

The different models of garage doors

A sectional Garage Door Service in Brisbane, which can be called a side sectional door as well as a ceiling sectional door, is a hinged garage door using several panels , more commonly rising vertically in order to lodge against your ceiling (or on the side for the side doors).


The advantage of overhead sectional doors is that they are easy to install. Indeed it is an operation that you can carry out yourself at home if you are a little handyman. In addition, it is the garage door mode that frees up the most space when opening, indeed it will not take up space on the side of your garage as a side sectional garage door could do and the height available under the door remains significant.


Sectional doors provide very good insulation with panels of at least 40 mm, made of injected polyurethane foam, which guarantees good protection against the cold. This is also possible with 60 mm thick panels providing even greater insulation. To complete this insulation, the edges of our doors are insulated with bi-material seals coming into contact with the panels, as well as a threshold seal.


Unlike the sectional, the up-and-over garage door is made up of a single large panel. As a result, the door is placed when opening against the ceiling guided by two rails which form an overflow mechanism in the case of the up-and-over garage doors of our production.


Its insulation by sandwich panels can range from 20 to 60mm thick. Our up-and-over doors can all be delivered with ONE motorization, but they can of course still be used in the manual version.


These two types of doors can incorporate a gate. The overhead door can offer a technically simpler door, making it more affordable. It is however quite possible to have a gate in a sectional door, to add a pedestrian passage in the door. Also consider that a motorized garage door opens in less than 15 seconds using a remote control, a digital code or your smartphone. The gate is therefore not necessary in all situations.



To measure a Garage Door Repairs, in addition to the height and width, you will need to measure your spandrels and the lintel fallout. The spandrels correspond to the free space on each side of your opening, before the wall. Headroom is the free space above your opening and below the ceiling. Watch out for pipes or beams that could run on the ceiling in your garage, or more rarely on one side, as they will reduce the space available for your garage door. If in doubt, remember to take pictures before going to one of our installers or by sending us a quote request.


Repression is the last useful measure, but more rarely blocking. This corresponds to the depth of your garage. For garage doors up to 2.25 m high, our motor will occupy 3.08 m deep in your garage.


Last point, only a non-overhanging door can be installed in a garage opening directly onto a sidewalk. This directs you to a sectional door with our range, or a service door with inward opening.


The addition of a flashing light on the motorized doors is then essential. This is easy to connect to our ONE motors .


We offer a wide range of colors, including the 7 standard colors:

The timeless white, the anthracite gray trend and 2 lighter or intermediate variations. Let's not forget golden and dark oak: it gives you the look of wood, essential for certain types of architecture, without the maintenance or aging constraints. The latest in faux wood tones: winchester, a natural wood tone, available in a smooth polygrain pattern with High Groove.


If among all this you still do not find your happiness, it is possible to paint on request all the aesthetics in the RAL of your choice.


The relief is also to be chosen, between smooth panels, contemporary but whose possible snags will become very visible or the more classic woodgrain, a grained effect of the wood.


Personalization: portholes & decorations

You have at this stage chosen a pretty garage door, but perhaps very simple.


If you want to personalize it, you can add portholes to it to also bring light inside your garage. Many models of portholes, more or less large, for all prices and in aluminum or plastic, can be added to a door.


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In addition to or instead of portholes, whether it is an overhead door or a sectional door, you can also add alumox decorations to your door to give it a contemporary touch. We offer a wide range of decorations, from the most discreet to the most visible, to meet your expectations. It is also possible to entrust us with the creation of tailor-made decorations, which we can study just for you.