The risks of using an old garage door
The risks of using an old garage door
Without saying that your garage door is falling apart, it must be recognized that it is starting to date. In fact, the more you think about it, the more you wonder how old she is; one thing is certain, it is an old door!

For a few weeks, it has also started to send you signs of fatigue: annoying noises and squeaks are now part of your daily life, each time you open and close your door. You know very well that this is not normal… but is it dangerous for all that?

Some have to tell them that as long as it works, everything is fine. However, in the case of Garage Door Service, it is not so simple: there are indeed risks related to your safety and that of your loved ones. Should you consider replacing your old garage door? What are the factors to consider in your decision?


Garage door and general appearance

Admittedly, the aesthetic aspect is probably not the first element that comes to mind when you consider replacing your garage door. Above all, you want it to be functional. But can you really overlook its appearance? A dilapidated garage door, or in poor condition, certainly sends a message to the neighborhood about the maintenance you are doing on your property. After all, your garage door represents 20 to 45% of the facade of your house…


Spring system and safety

The spring system is an essential mechanism for the proper functioning of your Garage Door Repairs in Sydney. Also called a “counterweight system”, its role is to create a counterweight to the dead weight of your garage door. The latter indeed weighs very heavy: we are talking about 140 pounds for a standard door, and 260 pounds if you have a double garage. Thanks to the spring system, this weight is reduced to only ten pounds. So you can lift your door with one hand.


However, this system is not eternal. The springs that make it up have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years, depending on your use, and the system can sometimes go wrong after a while. It is therefore advisable to ensure that the photoelectric reversing systems work properly, to prevent a heavy weight from falling on your head (literally!).


If you are unsure if your system is uptodate, then attempt to lift your garage door with one hand after disabling the opener. If your door seems to weigh more than ten pounds, then something is wrong: it's time to call us! Above all, do not try to fix the problem alone, since your system is under high voltage. You could seriously injure yourself.


Bolts and nuts: essential parts

Abnormal noises and squeaks can be caused by very small parts, such as bolts and nuts, when these loosen. Do not panic ! Fixing this problem is quite simple: just tighten each small part. Check that those located near the hinges and the system that holds the rails are in place.


Square wheels, is that possible?

With wear, your wheels may have become deformed. This is a fairly common problem, which causes the casters to no longer roll in the rails, but rather slip. Just replace them to fix it. And, as long as you take a look at them, also check that they are well placed in their steel rod!


Preventive treatment needed

Among the preventive measures to add to your routine, there is the lubrication of all the metal parts of your system. Indeed, rust is the number one enemy of metal; taking the trouble to lubricate these parts will give them a chance to last longer.


An automatic reverse system.

The main problem with old garage doors is that they don't necessarily meet the new standards to which manufacturers are subject. For example, since 1993, manufacturers have been required by law to install an automatic reverse system on all their door openers, which ensures that your door automatically reverses when it encounters an obstacle. This mechanism has prevented many unfortunate accidents involving children and a descending garage door. Make sure you have one!


Control your door remotely

New technologies are doing wonders to optimize the safety and comfort of our homes. In recent years, home automation has indeed invaded homes in North America, and garages are no exception to the rule:, which allows you to control your door remotely, was been set up. Thanks to this, you no longer have to wonder if you have closed your door correctly after leaving for work: a glance, and a gesture if necessary, will allow you to confirm or invalidate the thing!


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