Why Invest in Blue World City Sports Valley?
Why Invest in Blue World City Sports Valley?
The major advantage of investing in Blue World City Sports Valley block is that you get affordable plot rates and down payment plans. The simple 4-year payment schedule and low 7.5% down payment appeal to investors and buyers.


We all have heard about the largest housing society in Islamabad, the name of Blue World City. It is not only Pakistan's but Asia's first purpose-built tourist city. This city comes with one of the best projects named Blue World City Sports Valley. It will be a high-end project with the most innovative and distinctive look. This article will discuss why you need to invest in the Blue World City Sports Valley Block. So, let's get to know each other.

Blue World City Sports Valley

What is the purpose of developing a sports valley block in Blue World City? As we know, there are already many blocks in society, then why is there a need to develop this block? There is not only a single reason; instead, there are a couple of reasons, such as after the success of other blocks in BWC, the developers have introduced this new block. But this is not the main reason. “Blue World City Sports Valley” block is developed to offer residents the best and most luxurious sporting venues.

Although there are all the facilities and amenities in the other blocks of the Blue World City, this block will offer something different. One of the best things you cannot get in any other block is Pakistan's largest cricket stadium. Yes, this block's best and most significant feature is that it will feature the biggest cricket stadium with a capacity of over 55,000 spectators.

There is much more about the project, such as its developers, location, facilities, and payment plan. So, read this article to learn about this great valley in BWC.

Owners & Builders

First, if we talk about the owners, there is no doubt that Blue Group of Companies is the owner of this project. These are reliable developers, as we know they have already completed their commitments and completed the projects they started. So, under their supervision, this project will also be successful in real estate history.

If we talk about this project's location, it is on Chakri Road within BWC. The sports valley is easily accessible from the main localities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The two main blocks, general and overseas, are within the vicinity of this valley. In addition, the Waterfront District block is located at the other corner of the Sports Valley block. So, the overall location of the sports valley is convenient.

Sports Valley Block NOC 

If we talk about the NOC of the “Blue World City”, it was approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The NOC was approved for a total land of 53.75 acres. But now, the developers have extended the land due to the development of the sports valley block. In addition, they have submitted the documents for the extension of land approval. So, blue world city sports valley NOC is in the pipeline, but the authority will soon issue it. 

Blue World City Developments and Attractions

The whole development of Blue World City Islamabad is progressing and developing hastily. With this, 1115.125 acres of land have been bought for the Sports Valley block, making it committed. This block has a separate entrance, and development is going presto on the ground. Sports Block's main avenue is 208 bases wide and has been completed. Defense Road Islamabad is also connected to the major avenue.

The largest justice stadium in Pakistan, Villaggio Mall, Torch Hotel, Bowling Alley, Gym, Cricket Academy, Blue Mosque, Sports Club, Apartments, Parks, Inner Games, Cycling Track, Volleyball Court, Hiking Trail, and Special Monuments are also under construction.

BWC Sports Valley Features

Structure, facilities, and services make life complete in any community. Islamabad's Blue World City is famed for being the largest purpose-erected sightseer megacity in Asia and the first in Pakistan. Sports Valley follows suit with the lodestones that BWC is enforcing.

The Sports Valley block will offer first-rate, elegant, and futuristic installations with the first-rate armature. Some of the blue world city sports valley facilities are:   


  • A Special Entrance
  • Health Centers
  • Gated Community
  • Underground Gas and Electricity
  • Mosques and Islamic Center
  • Educational Resources
  • Grassy Carpeted Roads
  • Greenbelts and Streetlights
  • Maintenance of recreational areas and parks as a service

Blue World City Sports Valley Payment Plan

When it comes to the payment plan of the sports valley block, you can rest assured that you get the value for your money. The block has various plots of various sizes, and each block has different payment plans. But we can say that the blue world city Sports Valley Payment Plan is ideal for every type of investor, and all investors can get the plot in the society according to their budget.

Why invest in Sports Valley Block?

The major advantage of investing in Blue World City Sports Valley block is that you get affordable plot rates and down payment plans. The simple 4-year payment schedule and low 7.5% down payment appeal to investors and buyers. 

Affordability, location, developers, dependable owners, on-the-ground development, first-rate resources, next-generation infrastructure, services, a high return on investment, and attractiveness are some of the essential explanations for investing in this block.

So, we can say that you will find everything you are looking for in the sports valley blocks. You cannot be short of justifications to invest in this project as it promises a high return on the investment.

Final Thought

The recently introduced Blue World City Sports Valley block is a fantastic addition to the city. This addition will benefit the citizens and promote tourism in the country. As we know, after the development of tourist attractions and cricket stadiums, the country's tourism rate will increase. So, in return, it will increase the economy of the project. 

So, we can say that after reading the article, you have got the answer to why you should invest in this block and how investments in this block are worth your money. So, get in touch with any real estate agent, such as Sapphire Properties and get more information about the investment options.