What Led Entrepreneurs Find Solution for Property Owner and Tenants?
What Led Entrepreneurs Find Solution for Property Owner and Tenants?
Oliver Muller introduced the idea of to help every property owner, tenant, and investor.

Making payments before the introduction of online money transfer applications and payment portals was a bit hectic. But when companies came up with the idea to introduce something like this in the market, everything seemed to start fitting into place. People did not have to go to financial institutes to withdraw cash and make payments. But even after this, property owners, tenants, and almost everyone related to property still had to deal with problems. But entrepreneurshad a solution for them in their mind.

What was the problem for property owners and tenants?

Making payment:

Property payments are usually bigger than normal day-to-day payments. And transferring the amount through online payment portals was not possible because of transaction limits. As a result, property owners and tenants still had to stick to the conventional method, i.e., go to the bank or ATM, withdraw the money, and give it to the property owner. The process seems a bit too much these days. Therefore, people needed a solution that can make property-related payment transfers easier.


Every transaction between a property owner and a tenant happens according to the legal agreement. And whenever there is something legal associated, one needs to keenly pay attention to records and documents. When people transferred an amount manually (without online payment portals), they receive a receipt, and they need to keep it safe. But for tenants, it was getting troublesome to handle every month's payment receipt for their own safety. As a result, they needed a solution where all their payment records remain safe.

What did entrepreneurs do?

Leading entrepreneurshad already undergone several brainstorming sessions to find solutions to this problem. Over time, they came up with the idea of introducing online payment platforms solely dedicated to property-related payments. They worked hard with their teams and introduced software where every property owner and tenant could send and receive payments. They no more need to withdraw cash and go through the conventional exhausting process. Hence, the problem they were facing every now and then was finally addressed.

About Oliver Muller:

Oliver Muller introduced PropertyCard for every property owner and tenant out there. His start-up turned things around for everyone who made property-related payments. They can transfer payments anytime and from anywhere. Additionally, Oliver Muller's PropertyCard keeps all the payment-related records safe. Hence, it is one of the safest platforms for everyone.

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