PropertyCard: An Exciting Property Management System Founded by Oliver Muller
PropertyCard: An Exciting Property Management System Founded by Oliver Muller
Oliver Muller introduced the idea of to help every property owner, tenant, and investor.

One of the biggest things that is transformed by digital technology is payments. Online transactions have significantly reduced physical cash in the market. It is a convenient and hassle-free method to send and receive money. However, now with an immense number of applications handling online transactions, the need is there to get better solutions. A platform called PropertyCard is helping UK homeowners with property transactions. It is an application developed by Oliver Muller, who is an ex-derivatives trader, real estate investor, and property fund manager who is dedicated to providing property solutions in the UK.

How PropertyCard can help you?

PropertyCard is a platform that integrates every person in the property chain. Whether you are a buyer, a seller, or a tenant, this application can help you solve your problems. It addresses all the property service problems in one place so that they are efficient to manage. PropertyCard works with a chain of partners to integrate its services. With hassle-free payments and the service delivery system of PropertyCard, you can enjoy a range of features and benefits on its application. Here is a short list of important benefits:

Open payments system

Open banking is used to operate this platform. This indicates that the transaction is being handled directly via your bank account rather than a third-party payment app. Therefore, you can select any UK bank account. PropertyCard has joined forces with TrueLayer and BUD for seamless bank connections.

Simple to collect or send payments

It can be simple to collect recurring payments from numerous renters using the platform developed by Oliver Muller. With the recurring payment method of Property Card, you can specify a specific date and automate payments from a tenant's bank account. This is a stress reliever for property owners who own many homes in multiple cities.

Easy features to support document sharing and paperwork

This app includes all of the features that make managing property payments easier. It is easy to save documents and papers like contracts on this app. You can also list your properties on this application.

Exciting reward system

For all the money that you spend on this platform, you can get exciting deals and discount offers. A separate cash back and reward system are linked inside the application to reward its customers for using the platform. Check out additional details of PropertyCard and other businesses developed by Oliver Muller now!

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