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Hi! I'm from Texas and I love it here. I live downtown with a friend and we have a blast. We like to write relationship articles and watch romantic movies together. We're always up for anything fun, and we love spending time with our families and friends.

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    How To Keep Things Fresh In Your Relationship

    There's no doubt that keeping things fresh in your relationship can be toug...

    • CoryBishop

    How To Choose The Right Yoga For Your Unique Body Type

    When it comes to dating, there is no one-size-fits-all approach

    • CoryBishop

    5 Signs He's Not Ready For A Relationship tips for ladi...

    If you're dating and looking for a relationship, it's important to be able...

    • CoryBishop

    Dating and anxiety: ways to manage your symptoms and st...

    Dating can be difficult for anyone, but it can be especially daunting if yo...

    • CoryBishop

    The power of a good impression: Why making a great firs...

    Making a great first impression is crucial in dating. It can be the differe...

    • CoryBishop

    Dating advice: How to attract the right people

    Dating can be a tough and sometimes frustrating experience.

    • CoryBishop

    The secret to making any woman obsessed with you

    Sometimes girls don't pay attention to guys. But there are a few secrets to...

    • CoryBishop

    Quality men don't fall in love

    It takes a little effort to find your love.

    • CoryBishop

    Where to find singles?

    advice for singles

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