8 Security Tips To Tackle Pirate Attacks On Your Ship
8 Security Tips To Tackle Pirate Attacks On Your Ship
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Pirates are on the prowl. With every successful victim, they are growing in numbers and of course, in confidence. While many ships and cargo prefer private security escort services, some avoid it for budget constraints. For those, who have a tight budget and have yet to cross pirate-infested water lines, here are 8 ways you can stay secure from minor attacks. 

1. Don’t Leave It To Your Luck

First thing first. Don’t just sit and leave it to your luck. Remember, there are many people on the ship who depend on you. So, act smartly. Take preparation before you leave the port for another. Check your ship thoroughly. Keep a sharp eye on anything unusual.

2. Be Aware Of Your Course

Staying aware of the route and its vulnerabilities pays off. Conduct quick research on the course you are about to sail in. Analyse the recent news and probabilities for the next few days. Listen to the local news as well as international warnings. 

3. Don’t Leave The Gate Unguarded

Don’t keep your gangway unguarded. Even if you need the last man on the ship for some purposes, make sure you can keep an eye on the main entrance somehow. An unmanned entranceway can lead to potential threats sneaking into your ship. So, beware of it.

4. Keep An Eye On The Crews

Although you know all of your crews, keep an eye on them for any suspicious behaviour. Sometimes you may need to hire new ones from the port for additional duties. Make no mistake in cross-checking their backgrounds. 

5. Identify Security Breaches

Regularly check all the functionalities and vulnerabilities of your ship. Fix immediately if there is any. Who knows the simplest of them may cause you to trouble untold if pirates attack you midway. 

6. Double-Check Security Equipment

Ships and cargo these days carry the basic security equipment with them. Before you set your course, double check your utility boxes for them. Make sure you leave nothing behind and sail out without any of them. Check their functionality. On top of that, ensure your crews are capable of operating them if any unfortunate situation pops up. 

7.  Drill regularly

Regular drilling not only keeps the crews up to date with the latest security practices but motivates them to embrace and tackle any emergency situation promptly. But this has to be done following the best method possible to avoid unwanted mess and inefficiencies. 

8.  Strike First 

Whatever you do, things might go wrong. Even the most powerful private security escort services may not prevent the pirates from attempting to attack your ship. So, it’s better to be prepared in the first place. And when the situation calls, strike first. Be vigilant, it will help you shake the confidence of the attackers. 

Every year pirates run havoc on cargo-carrying valuable goods from Nigeria and neighbouring countries. To avoid any loss, it’s best to hire any maritime security company that has the necessary equipment and resources to deter any threats in the sea.