Best Bike Rental Services In Udaipur - Padharo Travel
Best Bike Rental Services In Udaipur - Padharo Travel
Bike Rental Services - Book gear and non-gear bike on rent in Udaipur with Padharo at affordable rates. So just make your journey more comfortable with our bike rental services in Udaipur.

Best Bike Rental Services In Udaipur - Padharo Travel

Padharo provides bike rental services for in-city locations. We provide bikes by taking a copy of your DL along with the original Aadhar card and a security amount of Rs 5000. Bikes are provided for a standard time of 9am to 9pm and incase the bike is returned after the standard time, customer is liable to pay extra charges. The vendor provides you only bike and one helmet for the rider, other requirements like fuel and extra helmet for the pillion rider is to be borne by the customer himself. Apart from this our policy entails that in case of any damage to the bike due to customer negligence, the entire expenditure has to be borne by the customer himself, Padharo or the local vendor won’t shoulder any responsibility. or the local vendor won’t shoulder any responsibility.Padharo bike rental services is the best way to see Udaipur city considering the location of some difficult to access places of old Udaipur city like Jagdish temple and distance of the different locations located across the different corner of the city.

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Bikes are slowly catching up as the most convenient means of transport in Udaipur. Bike rental also happens to be one of the cheapest modes of transport. When it comes to visiting the Ambrai ghat or shopping in the narrow lanes of Hathipole, bikes happen to be most convenient and easy. All the more getting bikes on rent Udaipur  also very easy due to ample amount of offline or online bike rental services at competitive rates. This is good news for the bike enthusiasts and people looking for economic options to travel.

Checking the condition of the vehicle before you go with the booking is of paramount importance. Some people are more influenced by the look and brand, while bike condition and one’s own capacity to handle the bike takes a backstage. So we would advise you to take all these factors into consideration to make your ride safer.


In order to be eligible to hire a bike you have to have driving license and in most of the cases you have to submit a copy of your DL along with some security amount, which is refundable. It is easy to get an insurance claim if you are riding with a valid DL. So License is important not only for legal but for security reasons as well.

Protective gear

I will advise the driver as well the person sitting on the pillion seat to wear protective gear like helmet. The helmets are normally provided by us, you just have to ensure that they are in good condition.

Obey the Traffic rules

I will advise all the riders to take the traffic adversaries on the bill boards seriously. Kindly follow the speed limit especially during monsoons. To prevent accident; ‘It is better to be late than never’.

Rental prices shouldn’t be on priority

The rent of the bike shouldn’t have precedence over other factors because the road worthiness of the bike becomes more important, taking into consideration the health of transport infrastructure. All the more the availability of pucca roads may or may not be an option in the remote locations, so choose a bike for all kinds of roads. We provide bikes for all weather roads.

Padharo is a platform which takes care of all your travel needs at the click of a single button. Feel the breeze blowing over your face when you travel to the top of a mountain at Peepliya ji or enjoy the cool breeze sitting on your bike by the lake shore. Feel like a free bird when you “Ride a bike”.

Bike rental is a convenient mode of transportation in Udaipur especially if you want to beat the traffic or want to visit places in the old city which happens to be n...